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Girls of today love to dress their dolls in the trendy styles they wear themselves . . . on this page are special American Girl doll clothes that are sure to please modern girls and their dolls!
The American Girl doll clothes shown below are perfect for school, play or special occasions. You will find all the fun (and essential) accessories to go with your new American Girl doll clothes on these pages too - from shoes, to hats, bags . . . and even pets!
Our most popular collection of 18 inch doll clothes fits dolls from American Girl, Favorite Friends from Madame Alexander, Götz and other similar soft-bodied dolls. We have shoes and accessories too! Visit often as more outfits will be added as we receive requests from you . . .

NEW! Click HERE for our special outfits and shoes that fit Magic Attic and other slim, all-vinyl dolls too.

What's New for American Girl Doll Clothes . . .

Updated: April 23, 2014

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18 inch doll clothes for American Girl and Gotz Doll Brownie Uniforms

Brownie Scout Friends ! (For American Girl Dolls)

Both in Stock!

Looks like these two Brownie friends are learning more about dogs! Our Engel doll model on the left is wearing long cargo pants in the classic brown along with the light blue blouse (it has buttons in front but really closes with velcro). The pants close with a zipper in front. Her badges are displayed on the matching Brownie Scout Sash; outfit also includes her brown hat and brown anklets (not shown). Five piece outfit is imported. On her feet are coordinating brown and blue tie shoes. (no longer available).

Emily likes to wear her Brownie skirt uniform on meeting days! Her brown A-line skirt closes with velcro in back; it fits nicely over her light blue blouse (it has buttons in front but really closes with velcro). Emily's badges are displayed on her matching brown vest. The brown hat and brown anklets (not shown) are also included in this five piece imported uniform. She added classic penny loafers to complete her outfit.
Both girls are having fun learning about animals with their pet dogs . . . choose either the black dog or Yippy - the fluffy one!
Click to see our Daisy and Junior Girl Scout Uniforms

Note: Dolls NOT included

For LARGER image click on Brownies!

Brownie Pant 5 Piece Uniform $27.50 $23.35 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
Brownie Skirt 5 Piece Uniform $27.95 [Add to My Basket]
Brown Leather Penny Loafer $6.00 [Add to My Basket]
Yippy ( 7 inch Dog) $7.50
Black 8" Dog $7.95 [Add to My Basket]

American Girl and Gotz Doll Daisy or Junior Scout Uniforms

Daisy and Junior Girl Scouts! (For American Girl Dolls)

Both In Stock !

These two Scouts are helping each other . . . maybe by selling Girl Scout Cookies?! Jess on the left is modeling the Daisy Scout uniform - she looks great in the blue tunic top with the daisy emblem in front. It ties on the sides over the white long sleeved T-shirt and matches the blue shorts that zip up the front. Her hat is a cheerful blue and yellow; blue anklets are included. The Daisy Scout five piece outfit is imported. We added the white sneakers to complete her outfit . . . Sorry - blue backpack no longer available

Elizabeth is modeling her green Junior Scout uniform. She wears the green A-line skirt over the white short sleeved T-shirt - did you notice the pocket detail? Her Scout Sash with her many badges is added last - very impressive. The green anklets are included in this four piece imported uniform. We added her brown "suede" clogs to finish up her outfit. Save some Thin Mint Cookies for us!
PS: Click to see the Brownie Uniforms

Note: Dolls NOT included

For LARGER image click on Girl Scouts

Daisy Scout Five Piece Uniform $27.50 $23.35 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
Sneakers for 18 inch Dolls $6.50 [Add to My Basket]
Junior Girl Scout Four Piece Uniform $23.50 [Add to My Basket]
Beige "Suede" Clogs $6.50 [Add to My Basket]

Pink Dotted Sundress for American Girl and Other 18 inch Dolls

Pink for Spring! (For American Girl and 18 inch Dolls)

New and in Stock!

Our doll model is ready for sunshine fun in this pretty sundress! It's a shocking pink with white polka dots PLUS an attached pink petticoat with hot pink tulle ruffle - so in style. The scoop neck is trimmed with fabric bows at the shoulder for a fun look. The full skirt features box pleats; her bodice closes in back with velcro. Imported.
We added her white sandals. Our model insisted on bringing her candy pink bunny . . . and wearing her white brimmed hat - trimmed with a bow and two daisys!

Doll NOT included

For LARGER image click on Doll

Pink Dot Sundress $16.95 [Add to My Basket]
White Bow-Trim Sandals $6.50 [Add to My Basket]
White Hat with Daisy Trim $6.00 [Add to My Basket]
Candy Pink Bunny $6.95 [Add to My Basket]


Eyelet Ensemble for Spring (For American Girl Dolls)

Sold Out!

What a lovely ensemble for spring! The white eyelet dress has a full skirt of the gathered border topped by an eyelet bodice with pink satin trim on the puffed sleeves and the scooped neck. And then there's the pink satin sash that features a big bow in back. And, for a surprise detail, pink ribbon is threaded through the eyelets at the top of her skirt!
A tulle petticoat is attached. Her bodice closes in back with velcro; imported set.
The matching eyelet hat with pink satin trims is included - and just perfect. We added her gold cross necklace plus her pink mary janes (not shown) and white tights. . . she added her bunnies!

Doll NOT included

For LARGER image click on Doll

Eyelet Dress w Hat $15.50
White Tights for 18 inch Dolls $5.00 [Add to My Basket]
Pink Mary Janes $4.95 [Add to My Basket]
Gold Cross Necklace $6.50 [Add to My Basket]
Bunnykin (6 inch Plush) $6.25 [Add to My Basket]
Hops, 4.5" Pink Bunny $5.95 [Add to My Basket]

Pretty Blue Print Sundress for 18 inch and American Girl Dolls

Butterfly Print Dress (For American Girl and Other 18 inch Dolls)

New and In Stock !

This pretty blue dress is covered in colorful butterflies! Our American Girl Doll, Nicki, ithinks it's perfect for Mother's Day brunch and summer parties. Yellow accents are found on the neckline, shoulders and midriff . . . with a big band at the hemline of the full skirt. The back of the imported dress closes with velcro. We liked the yellow so much that we're including a yellow hair ribbon with the dress!
Notice the special gold wristwatch! Sorry, the cute coordinating clogs in turquoise and green are no longer available

Doll NOT included

For LARGER image click on doll

Blue Butterfly Dress $15.95 [Add to My Basket]
Gold Wristwatch for Dolls $9.95 [Add to My Basket]


Nurse Scrubs (For American Girl Dolls)

In Stock !

For today's nurse here's an authorized replica of scrubs from the Dove Professional Apparel Company - authentic down to the special divided pocket and an actual "Dove" label! The two piece outfit is made from special uniform fabric. The pants have an elastic waist; the top closes with velcro and a tie in the back. We're including a tiny bandaid in her pocket and a blue hair ribbon.
White sneakers are available below.

Note: Doll, Flag and Stethoscope NOT included.

For LARGER image click on doll.

Nurse Scrubs $25.50 [Add to My Basket]
All White Sneakers $6.50 [Add to My Basket]
50 Star Flag $1.50 [Add to My Basket]

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