Three Piece Pant Set is just right for Boy Baby Dolls

Blue Sweater and Pant Set (For Medium Baby Dolls)

Sold Out !

He's all ready for a Party . . . but his puppies have his attention! Our Bitty Twin doll model is wearing a three piece imported outfit that includes the blue and navy cardigan (with two buttons and a snowflake design), a white sleeveless shirt and blue checked slacks. Quite spiffy!

We added his blue "suede" zip boots but his dogs, Cocoa and Ginger, came on their own!

Doll NOT included

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Sweater, Pant, Shirt Set $21.50
Ankle "Suede" Zip-Up Boots in Lt. Blue $5.75
Cocoa, 6 inch Plush Dog $5.00
Ginger, 6 inch Plush Dog $5.00 [Add to My Basket]


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