Ginny If You Love Me 7.5 inch Dressed Doll by Vogue

If You Love Me (7.5" Vintage Ginny Doll)


Sold Out !

This sweet new Ginny comes with her little white dog and the red cushion! Inspired by illustrations of Margaret Evans Price, she is dressed in a red cotton dress with a green checked apron over it that ties in the back. Under her full skirt is a white petticoat and red panties; on her feet are black mary jane shoes and white anklet with red trim! A black velvet hat is perched on her light brown curls.
Ginny Vintage Dolls are perfect for play or display for adults. Each doll has brown eyes that open and close, a lovely hairdo and a 7.5 inch vinyl body dressed in a removable outfit with shoes. A small brush and comb are included.
Limited Edition of 350
Doll stand available for purchase.

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