Madame Alexander Retired - Cisette Dressed in Chanel Suit for I. Magnins

Cisette - Miss Magnin 1991 (10.5" Doll by Madame Alexander)


Sold Out !

An elegant exclusive Cisette doll for the I. Magnin Department Stores in California! Dressed for shopping in 1991 she is wearing in a stunning Chanel-style ensemble complete with a hatbox. Her pink two piece suit has black piping on the double breasted jacket; it is lined. Pink lace peeks out at the neck along with a pink bow. Her long sleeves are edged in gold braid. A black straw pillbox hat with a pink flower sits on her blonde hairdo; she also has a black shoulder bag with gold accents.
Cisette will arrive in black nylons with seams and black "suede" heels. Underneath her skirt are a pink satin half slip and panties. Made in the USA.

Never played with or displayed in excellent condition. In original Box. Blue eyes open and close.
May NOT Be Returned.

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