April 19, 2014

Coming Soon - NEW 18 inch Dolls!

Many new 18 inch Dolls are scheduled for this year - let's start with what we have heard about American Girl Dolls . . . the Dolls that made 18 inch Dolls so desirable!

First . . . Samantha Parkington is scheduled to be brought out of the Archives this Fall!! (See a picture of our Samantha above)
Great news which brings many, many questions - such as:
* Will she have the new slender body instead of the original body?
* Will she have New stories or Old stories or Both?
* Will Nellie O'Malley (her friend) be released too?

We have to imagine that there will definitely be NEW Outfits AND Accessories!!

Second . . . there are "rumors" (not fact as Samantha is) that a new American Girl historical doll from the 1950's will be released in the fall!!
What we have "heard" (and not substantiated) is that she will have curly strawberry blonde hair worn in a pony tail with short bangs. She will have short white gloves as an accessory and wear '50's outfits. We imagine she will be from 1954 and that her family will have a recently acquired Television - Black and White of course!
Lots of things happening in the 1950's so it will be fun to see what will be featured in her books. See below for an example of a '50's outfit!

The Favorite Friends Dolls from Madame Alexander also have some wonderful new dolls coming - that we will feature at DollCloset.com.
Coming first is Wild About Leopard - an adorable African American doll dressed by Isaac Mizrahi - we expect her in June -see below:

Then in August the following three dolls will arrive:

Rainy Days
Let It Snow . . . and
Beautiful Ballerina

Wonderful dolls coming - there is sure to be just the right one for your girl . . . or you! We will keep you advised . . . and check our "What's New at DollCloset.com" section for updates on dolls and doll clothes!

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