July 07, 2014

Doll Themed Vacations

What a perfect time to enjoy your love of dolls with friends and family . . . summer vacation! Of course that includes some beach or pool time with her doll - such as the Teal Swimsuit Special shown at the top of this page - it's available in two 18 inch doll sizes.

We have several other summer outfits for her best doll friends -
check our What's New Page to see the selection for many doll sizes including the Sunsuit by Gotz shown below:

In addition to summer fun WITH dolls, you might like to visit places that feature dolls!
For example Denise van Patten has compiled a list of doll museums and doll shops through out the USA and some in Europe too. Check them out at this link (it might be a good idea to call or email ahead to make sure the hours are still the same)

If it's not listed do include FAO Schwarz in New York City or in Las Vegas (the only ones left unfortunately) and the American Girl Places in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles plus FIFTEEN others!! That includes two in Canada . . . if you haven't been, you are in for a treat. Only problem is that it's too easy to spend money - a budget is needed! Last time we were at one, we discovered that getting a doll's ears pierced was relatively inexpensive - and included a set of earrings.

PS: Getting a meal or tea usually requires a reservation made weeks in advance during the summer. But it is guaranteed fun for girls, dolls and parents (or grandparents)!

Now - make sure your doll has the right vacation outfits from DollCloset.com and then have a great vacation!

Above is Denim Skirt for Fun

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