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September 29, 2005

Top eBay Doll Searches

Here's August's Top 10 Buyer Searches under the DOLL Category:

1 - American Girl !!
2 - Barbie (displaced by the sister company!)
3 - Reborn
4 - Bratz (Barbie doesn't mind . . . )
5 - Shirley Temple
6 - Blythe
7 - Raggedy Ann
8 - Strawberry Shortcake
9 - Doll
10 - Himstedt

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September 28, 2005

Cabbage Patch Kids in 1985

Cabbage Patch Kid-mania was at the peak in 1983 and 1984 . . . so in 1985 Coleco introduced several new items to keep buyers interest - the new products included the World Travelers! Two boy and four girl Cabbage Patch Kids were outfitted in special outfits and handed suitcases, passports and flight bags. An article in the September DollReader magazine tells the success story and offers adorable pictures.

According to the Coleco story line, the Cabbage Patch dolls visited China, Holland, Scotland, Spain and Russia . . . arriving home with a native costume, souvenier T-shirt and a flight bag. Unfortunately the series was discontinued the following year and not many mint dolls remain. It was an adorable concept . . . we need someone to do it again!

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I've mentioned before that we plan to have matching dresses for girls & dolls in a Felicity style . . . unfortunately things have been going slowly, partly because we got side tracked with the picture from the Felicity movie coming in November.

I really liked the blue dress she is wearing while she watches Penny and hoped to use that as a model. However, after MUCH thought and discussion, we realized that it wouldn't really be wearable except as a costume . . . the dresses we WILL do can be worn today. Now we just need to do it!!

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September 25, 2005

Update on Marley Wentworth

Tried to re-order more Marley Wentworth dolls (the cute 12" vinyl doll who is the younger sister of Fashion Doll Tyler Wentworth from Tonner Dolls) . . . and sadly learned that the Tonner Doll Company is Sold Out of all the Marley Dolls and outfits!!!

Fortunately we still have a good selection of outfits and we just received Prep School Marley and her new Pep Squad outfit . . . but we have only one Basic Marley doll left. And, yes, all Marley dolls and outfits are reduced 15% on Monday - our Customer Appreciation Day. Take advantage quick!

PS: We do have the winter Sugar Plum Party Marley (brunette curls) on order . . . and the new Alice doll (Marley in blonde) but they are not here yet and we're not sure exactly when they will arrive.

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September 23, 2005

What are Visitors Talking About?

Lots of visitors send emails to friends and relatives (sometime as gift hints!) through our Tell-a-Friend option on every page. We get information on which products are shared. Recently these items come up over and over:

Ginny Dolls!
American Girl Charms!
Halloween Doll Costumes . . . especially our Halloween Pumpkin!

Enjoy these links too -

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September 19, 2005

Modern Doll Convention

Just came across the program for the Modern Doll Convention being held this October in Anaheim, California - home of the first Disneyland. Wow . . . great events and great favors - what fun it would be to attend!

The Convention starts October 20th at a breakfast. A program follows on Disney Exclusives by Madame Alexander then maybe have lunch with a theme of Kathe Kruse dolls. Afterwards it's a presentation on three generations of Shirley Temple dolls and a few other presentations. Dinner is with the Tonner Doll Company and Marley Wentworth!

Friday features several workshops and an Effenbee Doll Company Brunch. High Tea is with Rosemarie Ionker and little dolls such as Ginny and Riley! The History of Fashion Dolls will be given before the presentation of the 2005 Doll of the Year Public Choice Awards (sponsored by the magazine DollReader). Gene's 10th Anniversary Dinner is next followed by a Disney Costume Party - whew!

Saturday opens up with a Helen Kish breakfast featuring Riley and Fairy Tales. Then more workshops and presentations until the Vogue Doll Company luncheon featuring the little Sorcerer, Ginny. The Madame Alexander Banquet closes the Convention with a souvenier doll Jacqui, as Cinderella. Anyone going?!

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Halloween Costume Sale

ALL of our doll Halloween costumes are on sale through September 30th . . . and if you order on a Monday when we are offering a Customer Appreciation Discount you end up with a double discount!!

We're still adding new Halloween costumes - the newest is a Cowgirl Costume for Bitty Baby and other Medium babydolls.

Check out our Halloween Doll Costume Index for more information - it includes a few Ginny dolls too PLUS costumes for girls are on sale - that includes our many Pioneer outfits, the Hula Skirt and the Light-up-Boa!!

PS: All orders of two or more doll costumes will include a small yarn pumpkin while they last

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September 14, 2005

New Felicity and Only Heart Club items in stock!

Lots of new items have been arriving and are now available at DollCloset.com! We have the brand new Felicity Art Studio Kit, Felicity Paper dolls and Lights! Camera! Felicity - A Behind the Scenes Movie Guide (Felicity's TV movie is coming in November) . . . we're still waiting for the Felicity and Elizabeth mini-dolls but expect them soon.

Fun outfits and accessories are also here for the Only Heart Club Dolls - wait til you see the Sleeper Sofa and the Doll Tote Bag! The two new outfits are the Denim Jacket with Cargo Pants and the Sleep Outfit with Pink Robe. All bound to give more hours of fun!

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September 12, 2005

Want to Sleepover at FAO Schwarz?!

If you or your children want the experience of 12 hours having fun inside FAO Schwarz in New York City, all you need is $25,000 and up!
A fun report in a Toy magazine clued us in to this great (and expensive) party . . . It starts at 8 or 9 pm and lasts 12 hours. Activities include dancers demonstrating FAO's 22 foot long Dance-On-Piano; a 3-D motion simulator for rides on a roller coaster or through space; make your own sundae; choose eye/hair/skin for a made-to-order Madame Alexander doll; and watch the big screen TV in the rec room where the sleeping bags are rolled out!

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September 10, 2005

Monday Customer Appreciation Days!

Just a reminder that starting this Monday, 9/12/05, we will be offering a 15% discount on everthing in stock all Monday . . . this applies to all purchases over $15.00. The discount will be automatic and will occur every Monday through December (because it coincides with the Monday Night Football Season)! Make a note that Monday is the best time to buy dolls, trunks and everything else you wanted for the special girls on your list -

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September 09, 2005

Did You Know??

* Disney opened it's 11th Theme Park this week in Hong Kong - it has all the places and rides we've come to expect plus two fancy adjoining hotels

* We just learned September is Youth Soccer Month so we've put our 18 inch Soccer Outfit and our Only Hearts Club Soccer Outfit on sale for the rest of the month - don't miss this savings!

* September 7, 1915 was the day Raggedy Ann was officially granted a patent . . . this irresistable doll and her adventures (plus her brother Raggedy Andy) was created by the cartoonist, illustrator and storyteller Johnny Gruelle to entertain his ill daughter, Marcella.

* Coming soon from Disney are these brand new books: "Fairy Dust" and "Quest for the Egg" Both books feature none other than our favorite fairy, Tinker Bell!!

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September 07, 2005

Corolle Baby Dolls

A big shipment just arrived from Corolle so that several items that were Out of Stock are now Back in Stock!! One of these is the Corolle Baby Doll Shoes - now you can get the Pink Mary Jane and the White Tennie at a combination price OR just get the white tennies. Incidentally, the Medium shoes fit the 14" toddler dolls too!

PS: Have you seen the new Classic Chouquette Baby Dolls? 14 inches with brunette or blonde hair!

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September 05, 2005

New Outfits for My Twinn Dolls

Just in time for Halloween (and the last day of our Labor Day Sale . . . ) - a fun Circus Clown costume in red flannel with a star printed collar and cap!
PLUS we have just added a new lilac calico Pioneer Dress and Sunbonnet for My Twinn dolls . . . there's a matching Girl's Dress and Sunbonnet too. Its the same calico print as the 18 inch doll Pioneer outfit for American Girl dolls so everyone can be a Pioneer!

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September 03, 2005

My Twinn History

I was urged by family to share with you my understanding of My Twinn doll beginnings. Initially the company was started by an Emergency Room Doctor after he noted that when he commented on a child's doll, invariably she would reply that it was her "favorite doll because she looks like me". The idea was born!

The current My Twinn company, I believe, is the third owner of the name and trademark.

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Rules for New Collectors

Many of you are buying dolls for young girls in your lives but many are buying for your own enjoyment. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind whether it's for her collection or for yours!

A. You (or she) cannot have it all! Every doll is cuter than the last . . . but if you're not careful you will end up broke and/or out of room.

B. Have fun collecting by sharing your collection with friends - find them at a doll club, at a doll show and on the internet. It's a fun way to learn more about the dolls you love plus you'll get tips on new dolls that you may like even better!

C. Don't just buy cheap dolls . . . buy quality dolls that speak to you, not just many dolls that expand your new collection quickly.

D. Focus your collection . . . but leave enough room for something outstanding that you love! A focus might be 18" playdolls or Wizard of Oz dolls.

Then enjoy your collection and the fun of adding to it and sharing your new treasures!

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