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October 31, 2005

Wizard of Oz Dolls by Effanbee

These Effanbee dolls are too precious - we couldn't resist and we're sure you'll love them too! Each character uses the 14 inch vinyl Patsy Doll and then adds the most marvelous Wizard costumes . . . for a picture of all four dolls ie Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man see our HomePage. Click each of the links to see the individual dolls - they are adorable.

PS: Check out the history of Effanbee and Patsy dolls too on the Effanbee page . . . did you know the name was a composite of the two founders, one starting in the letter F and the other starting in the letter B which equals FandB or Effanbee!

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October 30, 2005

DollCloset.com Newsletter

Do you get our email Newsletter? If so, you know that it tells you about doll news, the newest items at DollCloset.com PLUS tells about the sales and specials coming. The last issue gave out a 15% off coupon for two weekends in a row . . . the second weekend being this one (10/29 & 10/30) but we think people forgot! Use your Pumpkin coupon everyone . . .

If you DON'T get our email Newsletter, sign up now in the lower right corner of the DollCloset HomePage.

PS: No ONE gets your information but us. Period.

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How to select a Doll for your child?

The size of the Doll must correspond with the age of the child and be proportionate to her size and weight.

When she cradles her Baby Doll in her arms, the child must be able to hold the baby's bottom in her hand with the head nestles in the crook of her elbow . . . just like a real mommy! An 18 month old will tend to choose a very light 12" baby Dolls like Tidoo or a Calin; a 5 or 6 year old will choose a larger 19 to 20" Baby doll.

If the little girl would rather have a playmate to dress, comb and play school with, then select a Toddler Doll representing a 4 year old. The right doll makes all the difference in the world and ensures that your child learns to love and nurture.

By Corolle Dolls

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October 25, 2005

Specials of the Week!

We have a new look on our HomePage . . . four Weekly Specials are featured in our "Slide Show". Not only is this an increase in the number of Specials from one to four, but the Specials are now reduced 20%, not just 15%!
Specials are limited to stock on hand.

We've also added a picture and link of a featured New item. This week it's new Victorian party clothes for Samantha and Nellie.

PS: Don't miss the "unofficial" Weekly Special - an 18" Red Coat for just $9.95!

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October 22, 2005

Putting Tell-a-Friend to work for you!

Have you noticed that at the bottom of DollCloset.com pages there is a tiny picture of a doll face with a notice: "Click HERE to email this page to a friend"?

That's our "Tell A Friend" system that can serve MANY functions! A young girl might use it to tell her Nana what is on her Gift List (or a wife to send a hint to her husband for a doll gift!)

Some people tell us they use it as a reminder by sending an email to their selves . . . then they won't forget where they saw the best buy after searching on the web for hours.

Or help someone that has mentioned that they want to find a good source for baby dolls (for example) - you can just send an email from our Corolle and Gotz doll page to solve their problem. Perfect and easy!

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October 19, 2005

Angelina Ballerina and Coconut Sale

All of our Angelina Ballerina items have been reduced for clearance - the perfect chance to pick up some quality bargains for the Holidays! We have books, crafts, games and the adorable Angelina Purse waiting for you.

At the same time, don't miss the Coconut items that are reduced for clearance also . . . the bracelet is a favorite of my nieces and perfect for young girls just starting to get interested in jewelry!

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October 18, 2005

Madame Alexander Article

I always enjoy learning more about Madame Alexander - a true doll genius for many years. The latest article is in the November issue of Dolls magazine - as it says: "When it comes to style, variety and quality, no one did it with quite the creative flair as the Madame!"

Another quote is from Glenn Mandeville, author of many books and articles about dolls (and collector extraordinaire!): "The most often overlooked fact is that Madame Alexander was not a doll artist. She was a clothing designer . . . and to Madame, the dolls, for the most part, were merely the mannequins upon which she draped her dreams". In fact, Madame Alexander won two Fashion Industry awards for her clothing designs for DOLLS, not people!

I especially liked this article because it had a picture of my Cinderella doll by Madame Alexander . . . it came out as the same time as Disney's movie (yep, in the 1940's). She was on display at the theatre and instantly THAT is what I wanted for my birthday. I did get her; many years later my Mom told me it wasn't a sure thing, as she was really an expensive doll i.e. $25.00 . . .

Also pictured were some of our daughter's Madame Alexander dolls plus pictures of some of the Happy Meals dolls!

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October 15, 2005

Mini-Doll Specials

Just added:

1 - Buy one mini-Samantha doll and get a second in-stock mini-doll at half price!
2 - Buy the book Nellie's Promise and get the mini-Nellie doll at half price!

Good while supply lasts . . . great gifts and stocking stuffers!

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October 13, 2005

Harry Potter Dolls!

YES!! The Tonner Doll Company just released pictures of the 17 inch Harry Potter doll arriving (we all hope) in late November or December. He looks fantastic . . . next year Ron and Hermoine plus Hedwig the Owl and outfits are to be released.

We have ordered the two different Harry versions - one in his school clothes and one dressed for the Ball (from the movie coming this November) He looks very much like the actor, Radcliffe. Can't wait!

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October 12, 2005

Limited Buy Alert!

We have just learned that the popular Doll Table Seat for American Girl Dolls (and Large or Medium Baby Dolls . . . plus My Twinn dolls) is out of stock at the Gotz company. More will not be available until January 2006. Fortunately we do have some now, but if this is an item on your gift list, please order soon!

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October 07, 2005

New Felicity and Elizabeth Items

The mini-dolls of Felicity and Elizabeth have arrived and are even cuter than their pictures! Each 6.5 inch doll comes with a mini-book (perfect for an 18 inch sized doll). "Meet Felicity" featuring the new cover is inside mini-Felicity's box while "Very Funny Elizabeth" comes with the Elizabeth mini-doll. We also have a girl's copy of "Very Funny Elizabeth".

PS: Did you know that American Girl will NOT sell a doll without a book? but they will sell books without dolls

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October 05, 2005

Hosting a Sleepover

We can tell that lots of you are planning parties with American Girl Party Products . . . in case some of the parties are sleepovers, here's a few hints:

* Keep the guest list short so it isn't overwhelming (for your child or for you!) Four or five is usually plenty

* Pick a convenient start time - usually in time for dinner. Start too early and the kids can get on each other's nerves before the night is over

* Send invitations if it's a birthday sleepover

* Plan a few specific activities including indoor and outdoor fun. Craft projects that they can take home after are a winner. You might want to plan one major activity outside the home ie movies, bowling, ice skating etc. It creates excitement AND it tires them out for bedtime!

* No fuss food such as pizza - especially make-your-own. Other make your own food ideas are sundaes and cupcakes.

* Have munchies on hand - yes chips etc but include veggies and dip too.

* Breakfast fun foods - individual boxes of cereal plus fruit for large groups, happy pancakes for smaller parties.

* Arrange sleeping bags in a democratic manner ie starburst with heads in the middle.

* Have a wind-down activity before lights out - avoid scary stories. Expect more giggling after but let the guests know they can knock on your door if they need anything.

* Arrange a specific pick-up time . . . then a half hour before start packing sleeping bags etc.

* Help your child learn the elements of hosting by greeting, passing out food etc and saying gracious good-byes.

Have fun!

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October 01, 2005

Happy Meals Mini Dolls

The third issue of Madame Alexander MacDonald dolls is available now with Happy Meals . . . this is the "Active" series & looks VERY cute!! See the picture and we're sure you will agree.

PS: You don't have to eat the Happy Meal if that's not your thing - most McDonald's will sell just the doll if you want

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