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November 23, 2005

DollCloset.com November Newsletter

You view our newest Newsletter by clicking the link!

Check out the Thanksgiving coupon . . . Enjoy your holiday!

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November 18, 2005

Party Favors !

Just arrived . . . special items we ordered just for all of you wanting Party Favors to go with your American Girl Party Theme! We think you'll find several ideas for pleasing your American Girl doll fans and pleasing your pocket book.

PS: These items would make great stocking stuffers too! Take a look at the nightshirt for just $3.00 and the mini-Pinata that features a picture of the American Girls.

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November 14, 2005

Harry Potter and FAO

If you can get to New York City 11/19th and you're a fan of Potter . . . or a fan of Robert Tonner Dolls . . . FAO Schwarz is hosting a debut of the new Harry Potter doll from 9:30am to 11:00 am. You need reservations (call FAO Personal Shopper at 1-800-876-7867) - the price of $190.00 includes the doll.

The pictures I've seen are fantastic! FAO's doll is different from the one we have ordered because Hedwig (his owl) is included with Harry. Next year Hedwig will be available for everyone . . . along with Ron and Hermoine.

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November 13, 2005

Popular eBay Toys

Recently a list was published of the most popular toys on eBay . . . number three is American Girl (a BIG category as it includes doll clothes, doll shoes, doll beds and American Girl games and books - all available at DollCloset.com!)

The only other doll to make the top 10 list is Bob Mackie's Holiday Barbie. As both American Girl and Barbie are owned by Mattel (as is number 5, the Harry Potter Scene It? Game)- they have it covered!

Other items listed include:
1. Star Wars Millenium Falcon LEGO Set
2. Thomas the Tank Engine Aquarium Set
3. American Girl Dolls
4. Roboraptor
5. Harry Potter Scene It? Game
6. Bob Mackie Holiday Barbie
7. The Fly Pentop Computer
8. Leapfrog L-Max Learning Game System
9. Master Replicas Star Wars FX Lightsabers
10. Star Wars Clone Trooper Action Figure

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November 12, 2005

New Doll Outfits Here!

We've been adding quite a few new things to our pages lately - here's a few you won't want to miss:

For My Twinn and American Girl type dolls we now have a red velveteen dress with a plaid taffeta jacket - it's very special (and matches our own Girl's Dress and Jacket)!

We were able to obtain some of the adorable discontinued Bitty Twinn cord playtime outfits; you can buy the boy or the girl outfit individually, or both with a cute little book!

Back to My Twinn dolls - we have our doll model back and you can see her dressed in the new Pioneer Dress and Sunbonnet (which matches the Girl's Pioneer outfit and the American Girl sized Pioneer Outfit too)

Keep watching - we have adorable snowsuits coming for American Girl and Baby Dolls!

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November 09, 2005

Ginny Doll News

We just learned that ALL Ginny Dress-Me Dolls are Sold Out at the Vogue Doll Company . . . plus ALL of the Clothing Packs too! That means that what we have in stock is all we can get until sometime in 2006. Fortunately, we do have quite a few of the usual favorites.

However, we did learn one good thing . . . the Limited Edition Calendar outfits are now available individually! So, we DID order some of the top ones such as the January Ice Skater and the November and December velvet dresses. We'll get those up on our site as soon as they arrive!

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November 06, 2005

American Girl Doll 2006 Information

Just read the following items about American Girl plans for 2006 . . . they are probably correct!

A - Next limited Girl of Today (after Marisol of 2005) will be Jess McConnell . . . not sure where she's from but she will be spending 5 months on an archeological ancient Mayan "dig" with her parents in Belize! Should be interesting - but have no clue what Jess looks like - yet.

B - New mysteries for the American Girl dolls will be coming by next spring for Samantha, Felicity and Josephina!

C - Rumor is that next year's "Friend" doll will be Emily, Molly's friend from England. I would have bet on Ruthie, Kit's friend!

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November 04, 2005

IDEX for 2006

IDEX (International Doll Exposition) will be meeting in Orlando again January 27th to 29, 2006. Most of it is for the Trade but several events and the last day are open to doll fans. If you're in Florida, this is a great time to get a preview of what will be available in 2006.

Companies that will be there include Adora, Madame Alexander, Effanbee, Gotz, Kish, Lee Middleton, Robert Tonner and Vogue Doll Company. For more information go to http://www.idexshows.com

If you're not on the East Coast . . . IDEX will hold a special summer preview in Las Vegas, July 2006!

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November 03, 2005

Arielle - New Corolle 17 inch Doll !

Just arrived! A lovely 17 inch girl doll by Corolle - her name is Arielle and she's from the special Holiday Doll Collection.
Her costume is wonderful - complete with a soft pink knit sweater and hat. . . and she has the sweetest expression!

Arielle is the first of the Corolle Holiday dolls we will have . . . next are the 14 inch Toddler dolls. Both are dressed in adorable pink winter time outfits and both have names starting with an "A". The brunette is Amandine and the blonde is Ambre. Too precious - Watch for them by Monday!

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