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January 29, 2006

Happy "Year of the Dog"!

The Chinese New Year has begun . . . and in it's honor we have a number of items on Weekly Special ie special 18" outfits for American Girl dolls and others: the Korean Hanbok and Vietnamese Ao Dai plus the traditional Chinese Cheongsam and the Japanese Kimono

And because this lunar year is the "Year of the Dog" our little brown and white dog and Toto is on special too . . . plus we couldn't forget the American Girl charms of dogs such as Samantha's dog Jip, Kit's Grace and Molly's Bennett. Get them on sale too - Enjoy!

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January 28, 2006

February Doll Reader Magazine

There are many super articles in this issue (at least I found them very interesting!) One is about the rebirth of Nancy Ann Dolls . . . these were the popular storybook dolls in my childhood (before Ginnys). A California company that eventually died away, they have been brought back to life by sisters in California.
Another article tells us that the girls clothing company, Lipstik, has 15" hard vinyl dolls dressed in the same cool clothes!

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January 26, 2006

Matching Colonial Dresses

Finally we have the girl and doll matching colonial dresses that we have been wanting for ages! They are in a colonial inspired print in a coral pink . . . and of course have deep eyelet flounces off the elbow length sleeves. We're very pleased - and think they would be perfect for a special spring dress for your girl and her 18" doll. (We even found a Felicity look-alike to model the dress!)

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January 24, 2006

Valentine's Day Sale!

Lots of great ways to celebrate Valentine's Day are available until February 14th! In our DollCloset Newsletter we included pictures of several items on sale such as Jess modeling our exclusive Sweetheart Jumper. In addition two Corolle Baby dolls, the Only Hearts Club Dolls, heart printed pants for 18" and 23" dolls, an adorable red organdy dress for Ginny, and replica Victorian Spring dresses for American Girl dolls plus Samantha's Valentine Craft Book are all included in this special sale. Take advantage now!

PS: If you don't get the DollCloset email Newsletter sign up on our HomePage in the lower righthand corner.

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January 16, 2006

Gotz Items Back in Stock!

Delighted to say we have both our Doll Table Seats and the adorable 18 inch Teddy Bear PJs back for your dolls!

The Table Seats are like the ones used at American Girl Place Cafe (except in burgundy) . . . American Girl dolls and Medium or Large Baby Dolls fit into them perfectly. In fact, click on the link and see pictures of all three sizes sitting very happily at our table. One of our customers pointed out that these seats are much better than a traditional doll high chair because they don't take up much room.

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January 14, 2006

Winter Sale Ending!

Saturday January 14th is the last day for our Winter Sale!

If you missed out, don't despair . . . we will offer 15% off everything in stock again on Monday 1/16 in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Our Weekly Specials WILL continue - up to 20% off four featured items.

Next sale event will be in honor of Valentine's Day - specific items will be on sale from Dolls to Doll Clothing to Craft Specials. Watch for this sale to start on Monday January 23rd through Valentine's Day February 14th!

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January 12, 2006

Harry Potter - New Doll!

YES! Harry Potter as a very cool and magical doll has arrived and can be seen on our site! He's 17" tall, vinyl and complete with scar, wand and robe. Hedwig, his owl, will be available later this year as will Ron and Hermoine plus more outfits. Don't miss him! A quality doll by the Tonner Doll Company.

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January 10, 2006

More Back in Stock!

Felicity's book Lights! Camera! Felicity! is back in stock plus watch for a new American Girl Quiz Book - it just arrived and we'll get it posted this week. It features Quiz and Trivia questions (Quick! What was the name of Kit's favorite baseball team? What country did Kirsten's family leave to come to the US?)

We have the three new American Girl Mysteries on order - they are expected in March. Coming are: Peril at King's Creek - a Felicity Mystery, Secrets in the Hills - a Josefina Mystery, and The Stolen Sapphire - a Samantha Mystery. These are in addition to the four mysteries we have now - The Silent Stranger - a Kaya Mystery, The Curse of Ravenscourt - a Samantha Mystery, Danger at the Zoo - a Kit Mystery plus A Spy on the Homefront - a Molly Mystery. More fun reading!

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January 09, 2006

Back in Stock!

We've been able to replenish the stock on several items that sold out over the holidays ie the Corolle Small Baby Doll Pink Snowsuit, Pink Cord Dress in addition to the Anna Ballerina and Cocoa Doucette Dolls plus the Pink and White Coverlet and pillow set and Pink Sleeping Bag for 18" dolls.

And our sale is STILL on so take advantage now!

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Jess Models New Items!

Our Jess has arrived and is busy working already! You can see her in the new Sweetheart Jumper and also in pink lightweight PJ's (perfect for Belize!)in our webstore. She is adorable and has such a fresh face . . . I think because she doesn't have bangs. We're delighted with Jess!

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January 06, 2006

Ginny 2006 Alert!

Caught a quick glimpse of a new article on Ginny Dolls in the newest issue of Collector Doll Magazine . . . you can't miss it with Ginny on the cover! It has the Ginny history but what got my attention were a few photos that I think are probably new 2006 Ginny dolls . . . there were several with flower names (I remember Lilly) wearing adorable spring dresses. As soon as we know more regarding the 2006 dolls we will certainly pass on the information!

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January 01, 2006

American Girl Birthday Party Products

We do have many of the original American Girl Party Products by Hallmark still in stock . . . however, please be advised that the cups and the napkins will be the first products to be sold out. If you were waiting for a good time to buy - it's HERE!

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Only Heart Club Items !

Several items were so popular this past month that we sold out and already we're pleased to say some of them are Back in Stock!

The Only Heart Club books are available again as is the Sleeper Sofa (my personal favorite!). We'll let you know as others are replaced ie the Lavendar Ballet Outfit and the Tote Bag for the dolls and their pets. All of the dolls and their pets are available!

PS: And the 15% off sale on purchases over $15 continues through January 14th!

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