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February 22, 2006

Madame Alexander Dolls

The following are exerpts from a review* of the 2006 Doll line - we agree with the writer!

Madame Alexander Dolls is one of the most improved lines of dolls of the past few years. The company has recaptured the fine, detailed costuming that has made their dolls some of the most popular for most of the past 80 years.

Our daughter received many Madame Alexander dolls from her traveling Dad who admired the quality detailing . . . and the joy they brought!

2006 Madame Alexander Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are one of the best selling lines of Madame Alexander dolls. The company has tried some new faces in the past few years, and they continue to make appealing babies that are just right for smaller hands to hold, yet which also have much nicer clothing, vinyl and sculpting than big box store baby dolls. New for 2006 is a very sweet line of Days of the Week Huggums sculpted by well-known doll designer, Susan Wakeen. These are the smaller size Huggums, and will retail for $59.99. . . . My one serious criticism of the baby dolls from Madame Alexander this year is that they are severely lacking baby boy dolls. (Which is why we ordered several yellow duck baby dolls!)

2006 Madame Alexander Storyland Dolls

Storyland dolls are a theme for Madame Alexander. Storyland includes dolls which are characters from books, such as Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood, as well as other Nursery Rhysmes. . . . Other standouts include Heidi (and a goat) and Peter and the Wolf . . . Overall, there are many strong choices for the storybook collectors and gift givers. (Most of these dolls are the 8 inch Wendy size.)

International Dolls: Around the World

Madame Alexander has done a series of international themed dolls, using their classic 8" Wendy doll, since the 1950's. This year the collection is weighed towards the longtime collector with many countries in their collection. In any event the dolls are nicely presented and are well costumed.

Licensed Dolls
Madame Alexander continues to present licensed dolls from such well known companies as Disney. New to the line up this year are "Wendy Loves Curious George", "Charlottes Web" and two Asian themed Hello Kitty dolls. . . .

*Partial excerpt from Denise Van Patten article from About.com

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February 21, 2006

Ginny Doll Sale!

We're making room for the new Ginny dolls of 2006 . . . that means you are the winner! ALL Ginny Dolls have been reduced by 20% - that includes the StoryBook Series, the International Dolls and the Vintage Dolls - even those with wardrobe sets!

The Sale will continue through February . . . in stock only so take advantage now while the one you want is still available!

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February 19, 2006

Discount Coupon

Use our DollCloset.com coupon during President's weekend and you will get a 15% discount on all in-stock items (minimum purchase of $15.00)

Place your order then fill in the coupon space with the word president then click on Recalculate . . . and automatically 15% will be subtracted from your total!

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February 17, 2006

Technical Dolls or Traditional Dolls?

The International Toy Fair held in New York City every February has come to a close . . . unfortunately the HUGE snowstorm at the same time kept many of the buyers away from the show (it's open to the trade only). However, here and there good reports have been seen.

One report emphasized the high-tech playthings in the works such as the "Let's Dance" Barbie doll ($54.95) and "Amazing Allysen", a companion doll to last year's "Amazing Amanda". The new Allysen is aimed at older girls (9-10 yrs) - she recognizes and responds to key words and phrases with lifelike facial expressions and real emotions ($99.99)

In another article, the writer says she is tired of dolls that light up, whirl, talk and interact! She claims that well designed dolls with beautiful clothes don't need technological tricks and cites the success of American Girl, Madame Alexander and Tonner Dolls.

What is your opinion? We'd like to know!

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February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy your day with friends and family . . . and dolls!

PS: Last Day of our Valentine Sale . . .

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February 12, 2006

Hints about Sales . . .

If you receive our email Newsletter, watch for it next week with a special word to activate a coupon . . . that coupon will be worth 15% off all in stock items during President's Weekend (on purchases over $15.00)

If you don't get our Newsletter, sign up NOW in the lower right corner of our Homepage

Next . . . Ginny fans check out the newest Vintage "Glad" doll - we received a special discount on her and we're passing it on to you!

Lastly . . . in honor of the Olympics we have put a number of items on sale! Some show up on our Weekly Specials such as our 23" Doll Ice Skater outfit and the Ginny Vintage skier.

Others also reduced are all snowsuits in stock ie for 18" dolls, Large Baby Dolls , Medium Baby Dolls and Small Baby Dolls plus the Ginny Ice Skater Costume. Take advantage now!

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February 11, 2006

Marley is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Dorothy (or Marley dressed as Dorothy) is finally here - a lovely addition to the Tonner Wizard of Oz Collection PLUS a great addition to the Marley doll line.

No surprize that she's dressed in blue gingham with ruby shoes but she's still adorable (very nice hair-do too!) The best part is that she can share Marley's wardrobe! (She's the same size as Alice of Wonderland too . . . on order!!)

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February 09, 2006

2006 Ginny Collection

Received the Ginny catalog today . . . some VERY adorable dolls! I'm especially taken with "Independence Day" dressed in a white sailor dress complete with a flag and a picnic basket. The Lavender Ballerina is precious and I'm very excited to see Scotland back (it was available several years ago . . . I'm not sure it it's the same though). The doll representing India is very lovely, as is the Bridesmaid.

Then - the BIG changes! This year the Dress Me doll is Vintage size (in braids) so they had to add some Vintage Clothing packs and Shoe sets. This ought to please those of you that still have your original Ginny dolls and want new outfits for them! (Vintage Ginny dolls are a little shorter and smaller all around than the modern Ginny dolls) Plus there are many new dressed Vintage dolls - I love the ones named after flowers such as Lily and Sweet Pea.

We will be ordering new Ginny dolls this week - unfortunately they will not be available until April or June (depending on the doll). One thing to keep in mind . . . the new doll editions are LIMITED to only 350 instead of the 1000 we enjoyed in the past.
We'll keep you posted as they arrive!

PS: To make room for the new dolls we will be having a Ginny Sale on dolls in stock starting February 21

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February 05, 2006

Fantastic News!

If you receive our email Newsletter, you already know that we are offering 15% off all in-stock items on Super Bowl Sunday (2/5/06) Minimum order is $15. (If you don't get our Newsletter, sign up on our HomePage in the lower righthand corner)

Next news is that we just ordered new Corolle dolls AND new Madame Alexander dolls!! Look for cute 8" dolls, Little Huggems and 14" PussyCat dolls - very, very special! We also ordered more Only Heart Club doll items and the new 16" Lipstik dolls. Plus a few more surprises are on the way . . . we'll let you know as they arrive!

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February 01, 2006

American Girl Items to Be Discontinued . . .

Just heard that Molly's Route 66 outfit (the cute blue dress) is being discontinued . . . it can still be ordered by phone but not on-line.

Also disappearing is Samantha's Valentine Crafts (we have a few left) and the History Mysteries. You can see some of these on our sister web-site MysteryGamers.com - they also involve girls during different times solving mysteries but they are not the American Girl characters.
Many of these books have won prizes for the excellent writing - a shame they are not to be continued!

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Black History Month is Here!

In honor of Black History Month, for the entire month of February we have reduced the prices of the following items by 20%:

* Both Addy charms, the Addy paper doll set, and mini-Addy!

* The sweet Corolle Baby Doll - Bebe Do Black

* The Ginny Dress Me African-American Doll

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