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March 31, 2006

Marley Wentworth is Back

Marley Wentworth, young sister of Tyler Wentworth (fashion designer 16" doll by Tonner Dolls), is back in stock! She was an immediate hit last year and we're happy to see her return. This year the Basic Marley is dressed in a striped swimsuit (not the PJs of 2005) - so far we have the blonde and the brunette in stock. The redhead will come with a curly hair-do but is not yet available.

Also here, is Marley's First Dance - a gorgeous young girl in a pale pink confection. She has a blonde curly hair-do. For night-time, we're suggesting Bedtime Dreams from the Oz Collection (fits 12 inch Dorothy and Alice dolls by Tonner). There will be several more outfits available later this year. She's another winner!

PS: Interesting - the SugarPlum Party has a brunette curly hair-do and now we have the blonde and soon the auburn too!

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March 23, 2006

Madame Alexander Dolls!

We're so excited! Today DollCloset received five cartons of Madame Alexander dolls - they are all wonderful, from Little Huggems and PussyCat Baby Dolls to 8 inch International and Story Book Dolls.

We'll be working hard over the next few days to get them on our website . . . and, as a special welcome, there will be a 20% discount on Alexander dolls Monday through Wednesday.

Did I ever tell you my first Madame Alexander doll was Cinderella? It was produced along with the original Walt Disney "Cinderella" film. So the discount pass word will be Cinderella !

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March 21, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Josefina's Birthday is over - hope you celebrated with your special dolls! Next will be Addy's birthday on April 8th (she picked her day as she didn't know when it was). We will celebrate her day from April 7th through 11th; then we will combine Felicity and Molly's Birthday celebrations later in April. Join in the fun - and the savings!

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March 18, 2006

National Toy Hall of Fame

Did you know there was a Toy Hall of Fame?!

Yes, indeed - it's in Rochester, New York and is one of the top ten Children's Museums in the USA. They are always open for nominations for their Toy Hall of Fame - click on the link above to visit their website and to place your nomination.

In the meantime, here's a list of Toys already listed (how many have you had?):

Alphabet blocks
Cardboard Box
Crayola Crayons
Duncan YoYo Set
Erector Set
Etch A Sketch
G.I. Joe
Hula Hoop
Jack in the Box
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jump Rope
Lincoln Logs
Mr. Potato Head
Radio Flyer Wagon
Raggedy Ann
Rocking Horse
Silly Putty
Teddy Bear
Tonka Trucks
View Master

Can you think of more that belong? Let us know your ideas!

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March 17, 2006

Celebrate Josefina's Birthday

Join us in celebrating Josefina's birthday from March 17th through March 20, 2006. Go to our Birthday Page to see the selected items that are on sale in her honor. Specials include two outfits, the Josefina mini-doll, the new Mystery Book "The Secret in the Hills", her paperdoll set etc. Have a fiesta now!

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March 16, 2006

Bunnies and TeddyBears

We saw some very cute plush animals at a recent Show so just had to order them . . . either as a playmate for your dolls or for a child. The first 10 inch Bunnys are up now on a new page - and they are sooo sweet! See either Becca or Emmy - both dressed for Spring. More will be coming this week . . .

PS: If you didn't get our DollCloset.com email Newsletter then you may not be aware that in addition to 15% off on everything this Thursday (minimum purchase $15), we will continue the discount on Friday to say Happy St. Patrick's Day! Remember to wear your Green!

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March 12, 2006

Toni Dolls

The TONI doll was an instant American Classic when she was first introduced to children in 1949. She arrived just in time for Christmas and was named for the home-permanent product . . . actually each doll came with a mini-version of the permanent wave. Ideal unleashed an aggressive promotion campaign which, combined with the preppy appeal of the doll herself, resulted in millions of Toni dolls being sold.

TONI came in many sizes and could be dressed in about a hundred outfits - many of which were made of the new miracle fabric "nylon" (TONI's hair was also made of nylon). She was fairly expensive for her day and was definitely aimed at an upscale market.

The original TONI doll was made of hard plastic, jointed and strung at the head, shoulders and hips. As a result, each doll was sturdy, could be dressed fairly easily, could be posed in many positions and was even capable of standing on her own.

TONI endured through the ages, reminiscent of childhood innocence; today, Robert Tonner has reintroduced TONI as a 14" hard plastic, fine doll with an endearing nod to the vintage days of yesteryear.

See and purchase three versions of the TONI dolls at DollCloset.com

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March 11, 2006

How to Choose a Madame Alexander Doll to Match a Child's Dream

No matter what your child's fantasy, dreams or interests, you'll be able to find a Madame Alexander doll that brings them to life.

Thus begins an article from eHow.com we thought you might find interesting as we will shortly be adding many of these dolls to DollCloset.com

1. Consider what the child is interested in. Does she love fairy tales, make believe, classic literature, history, a certain occupation, babies, movies, comics, momentos of special occasions?

2. Look at the Madame Alexander dolls available and notice that her dolls are designed to bring books, fantasies etc to life.

3. Look for a doll that represents a favorite book, movie or fairy tale.

4. Notice that only selected dolls are manufactured each year . . . selection may vary from year to year.

5. Realize that Madame Alexander also makes dolls to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, First Communion, weddings and holidays.

6. Expect to pay $50 and up for a new doll and more for dolls bought from collectors.

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March 08, 2006

Spoiler Alert! Emily!!

One of our readers just supplied us with an advanced picture of tne new doll Emily (friend of Molly) . . . the full link is in her comment under November : American Girl Dolls in 2006

OR here is Emily!

She won't be available until the fall so we will all have to be patient . . . cute, cute!

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March 06, 2006

New Gotz Dolls

Boxes and boxes of new Gotz dolls arrived today . . . promise to get at least some up on Tuesday! New dolls to be added include a new brunette Maxy Muffin in a pink and white outfit (instead of the blue sleeper), another 15" Bath Baby - this time with brown hair and eyes, the new 18" Elisabeth doll and a brand new Sarah doll dressed for a Spa! She has brown hair and eyes too . . . Links coming SOON

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March 02, 2006

New Jessica and Julia Dolls

Just arrived - the 2006 Jessica and Julia Dolls by Gotz (part of the Precious Day Collection)!

The most exciting change is that there are two choices for the Jessica doll . . . the one called Jessica Sophisticated does NOT have bangs - she is dressed in a stylish printed dress with coordinating hat, bag and shoes. Darling! The other Jessica is called Butterfly Casual - she is dressed the same as last year and has bangs . . . another winner!

Casual Comfort Julia's red hair is styled with bangs and two ponytails - cute! She is wearing a blue print jacket over a white T-shirt and blue capri pants. Her purse and shoes are made of the same print.

We hope to have Elisabeth in the next two weeks - can't wait to see her new pink outfit!

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Customer Appreciation Day!

It's BACK! On Thursdays!

That's right - every Thursday you can automatically receive a 15% discount on all purchases over $15.00 . . . that includes items already on Sale such as the Weekly Specials.

Our way to Thank You for shopping with us

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