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May 25, 2006

Celebrate Samantha's Birthday!

It's the favorite American Girl's tenth birthday and we're ready to celebrate!

First, with oddles of goodies at Sale prices including clothes, games, books, mini-dolls and charms . . . plus a Victorian Ginny doll that sure reminds me of a doll Samantha (and Nellie) would have loved!

Second, in honor of Memorial Day weekend, everything in our store is on sale Saturday, Sunday and Monday! The 15% discount will be automatic on those days (minimum purchase $15.00)

Your chance to save big on quality and fun products!

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May 22, 2006

New Ginny Dolls Are Here

YES! The lovely new Ginny dolls are up on our website - here's a few links to some of my favorites:
Bridesmaid Ginny - very lovely in pink

Independence Day Ginny - just adorable!

Lavender Ballerina - ready to dance in her fluffy tutu!

and Scottish Ginny!

PS: Remember . . . they are all reduced 15% on Thursday, our Customer Appreciation Day

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May 19, 2006

Emily Update

It's definite that Molly's friend, Emily, is the next "friend" doll. Her book Brave Emily shows a picture of her and Molly's other friends. It's very likely Emily will come in a green dress like the one on the cover! The book will be available in August - probably the same time as the new doll. Hooray!

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May 18, 2006

Doll Closet May Newsletter

Click on the link to see what was discussed in the latest Newsletter

Sign up for your own email copy on our HomePage - go to the lower right corner. Look for last minute Sales announcement and new product info!

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May 15, 2006

Ginny Dolls Coming!

We received our first shipment of new Ginny Dolls today - they are wonderful! Some of the ones we received were the Bridesmaid, Scotland, India and Lilly. Very sweet and just adorable!!

Only problem is a lack of room . . .

SO we've decided that all Ginny Dolls in stock, are On Sale now through this coming weekend May 21st (Next Monday we should have the new Ginny dolls up for you)

Remember . . . some have been retired (they are no longer available) and we only have one of many dolls (we tried to indicate that on the site) PLUS if you are able to wait until Thursday (gutsy!) to order, you will get an additional 15% discount on your purchase.

Watch for the new Ginny dolls next week!

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Rewards Program Coming!

You've been wondering when you would get a chance to see the fun things we got at the American Girl Place . . . soon! We are setting up a Rewards Program for our Frequent Customers. These special items will be available to them - at cost! Click for a sneak preview of the two Los Angeles T-shirts we will have available. There will be other fun stuff too - something for everyone.

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May 11, 2006

New American Girl Minute Mysteries

Here's a fun book you're sure to love . . . Minute Mysteries with the American Girls as the main characters!

"Can you spot a secret? Uncover a clue? Then Minute Mysteries are for you! As you read each story, look for the hints that answer the who, what and why puzzling each American Girl. How many minutes will it take you to solve each mystery?"

Have FUN!

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May 07, 2006

Catching Up . . .

Just returned from the fabulous celebration of Robert Tonner's Doll Company 15th Anniversary! Fabulous with some GREAT goodies that I will share with you such as an adorable Tiny Betsy Set - Betsy Visits Aunt Mary's Ranch. And her Tiny Friend - a Native American doll! Also came back with several limited edition Marley's I'm sure you will like . . . all coming soon.

The May Celebration sales have ended but the Baby Doll Sale has begun - ALL baby dolls by Corolle, Gotz and Madame Alexander are on sale. It will end Sunday May 14th . . . which means if you shop on Thursday you will get a double discount!!

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May 02, 2006

Photos of the American Girl Place in Los Angeles!

We promised you some pictures from our visit and here they are:

1. The outside of the American Girl Place . . . looks sharp doesn't it?!

2. We were able to attend the Tea (reserve well in advance! I think we made reservations two months ahead) - this is a view of the inside of the Cafe with all of us (including dolls) getting ready to order.

3. If you come without a doll but would like a doll to join your table . . . just select one of these!

More photos coming soon!

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May 01, 2006

Busy Times!

We're back from the new American Girl Place in Los Angeles - had a wonderful time . . . those folks know how to put everything together to make us all smile! Pictures coming soon . . .

In the meantime, we are celebrating several May events on our website ie Nurses Week, Cinco de Mayo plus the Tulip and Cherry Blossom Festivals. Check out all the reduced dolls and doll outfits - FUN!

We're also getting ready to take off for the Tonner Doll Convention in Denver. Had hopes of entering a doll competetion or two but so far it isn't happening! We will have some dress-up events such as the Mother Goose breakfast featuring Mary Engelbreit dolls . . . I will don my Red Ridinghood cape for that event! Then jeans for the Betsy McCall Western Round-up Lunch . . . yes, it will be lots of fun filled with lots of goodies - can't wait!!

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