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June 29, 2006

Celebrate the Fourth with Our Sale!

Everything on DollCloset.com is reduced by at least 15% on orders over $15.00. Effective now through the Fourth of July! This is in addition to the Customer Appreciation Sale we have every Thursday - Take Advantage NOW . . . and Have a Happy Fourth!

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June 27, 2006

New Summer Doll Clothes!

We just took bunches of pictures of new items - some are already up and waiting for you! It's quite a process - first we assenble the new outfits that need photos, then dress the various dolls and select doll accessories. Next the studio is set up, pictures are taken, the best selected and saved. (We had to take one over when we realized the poor baby doll had her shoes on the wrong feet!)

After that the photos have to be sized just right and prepared for the web. Then I get to write the copy and insert the pictures and post. . . Not a quick job let me tell you!!

But we have a few up you may like to see and buy . . . like the Patriotic Pants Outfit for My Twinn dolls and the Patriotic Fun Outfits for American Girl Dolls (plus the new Summer Riding replica Dress for Josefina and the Blue Print dress that I think is perfect for Addy and Kirsten). And for the Bitty Twins, don't miss their Twin Softball outfits. Lots of fun for everyone!

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June 24, 2006

May Doll Barometer on eBay

Just in - the Top Doll Searches on eBay:

1. You guessed it! American Girl with 12,478 American Girl items closed - most expensive was $826 for 9 AG dolls including retired Kailey

2. Reborn - 6,745 items sold - most expensive was $1,167 for a Reborn Baby Girl

3. Shirley Temple - 1,415 items sold - most expensive was $1,525 for a 1950's Ideal Shirley MIB (Mint in Box)
PS: My sister has one of those but it's well loved and played with

4. Himstedt - 660 items sold - most expensive was $800 for Sold Out Midori

5. Bratz - 4,753 items sold - most expensive was $197 for 27 Bratz Dolls plus CD, Accessories & Bed

Notice . . . NO Barbies!! And Matel is VERY worried and trying VERY hard to "put the WOW back into the Babrbie line"

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June 21, 2006

Bitty Twinns!

In case you didn't get the latest info, here's what's coming:

More twin combinations to create
Longer hair to style
Clothes for girls to dress like the Twins
More accessories and furniture
New books with activities and parenting tips

I'm disappointed that it didn't say anything about Bitty Baby with hair! And why do we have to buy TWO dolls?? Can't they sell the boys (or the girls) individually?

The longer hair to style sounds like a direct response to the popular Maxy Muffins by Gotz . . . and last year's Couquette Baby Dolls by Corolle. Both are available in blond or brunette at DollCloset.com !

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June 19, 2006

Dolls, Doll Clothes and Doll Cradles Back in Stock!

We're getting there and are pleasedthat you can now order a number of items we've been waiting for ie

Kim, a Corolle Asian Medium Baby Doll

Calin Yang, a Corolle Small Baby Doll

Cherry, the Corolle Doucette Doll

Small Lilac Teddy Bear Nightgown

and the Wood Cradle!

And more NEW items coming as fast as we can get them up for you!

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Molly Movie

In case you miss the comment we just received in another section of the Blog . . . here's a link to a backstage shot of Molly and a few others. She looks just perfect for Molly!!

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June 18, 2006

Madame Alexander Looks Beyond Dolls!

It seems that Madame Alexander is interested in selling a license of it's brand for other items such as children's clothes, bedding and girl's accessories.

They have just started searching for interested parties so we shall see how quickly something happens. We'll let you know as we know more . . . maybe we can learn something at the upcoming IDEX (International Doll Exposition) Trade Show in Las Vegas!

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June 17, 2006

NEWS! (delayed due to Technical Difficulties)

Click to see the June DollCloset.com Newsletter
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Second: We've heard a rumor that something BIG will be happening at the NY City American Girl place at the end of June ie introduction of a Bitty Baby with hair AND African American Bitty Twins! (About time for both we say -)

Watch for news about the new items here now for Corolle Toddler Dolls , Only Heart Club Dolls and Betsy McCall Dolls - coming soon!

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June 08, 2006

Dolls and Vacations

What a perfect time to enjoy your love of dolls with friends and family . . . summer vacation! Denise van Patten has compiled a list of doll museums and doll shops through out the USA and some in Europe too. Check them out at this link (it might be a good idea to call or email ahead to make sure the hours are still the same)

If it's not listed do include FAO Schwarz in New York City or in Las Vegas (the only ones left unfortunately), the Madame Alexander Doll Company tour of the Heritage Gallery (5 person minimum) and the American Girl Places in Chicago, New York City and in Los Angeles.

Now - make sure your doll has the right vacation outfits from DollCloset.com and then have fun!

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Happy Birthday Kirsten!

It's time to celebrate our Pioneer Doll's Birthday - Kirsten Larsen! We have several cute outfits for her on sale in her honor (including the matching Pioneer outfit for girls) . . . plus Kirsten paperdolls and charms. And if you buy on Thursday you will get a double discount as Thursday is our Customer Appreciation Day - join us as we have a Birthday Festival just for Kirsten. It will last through June 13th.

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June 05, 2006

Reward Program Begins!

We have collected special items for you that will appear ONLY on the Rewards Page! You can get to it from the link on our Home Page

Everyone is eligible to buy any of the items on the Rewards page once they have $100.00 in their Shopping Basket.
Right now the items are primarily from the American Girl Place but we have plans for other specials too!

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June 02, 2006

Doll Updates

We've had more dolls come in from Madame Alexander and we will be getting those up for you ASAP . . . also more Betsy McCalls from Tonner (including one from the 15th Anniversary Convention) plus we just heard that we have more Toni's coming from Effanbee! And some outfits too . . . we'll get to work and get them up so you can see and buy (remember that you get a 15% discount if you buy on a Thursday - our Customer Appreciation Day!)

Just occured to us that we have some Tonner Marley and Engelbreit dolls that are from last year - we will put them on sale now to make more room!

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