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July 29, 2006

Molly and Emily continued . . .

Heard the following rumor (or maybe these are facts!):

I just read on another list that Molly's Miss Victory outfit
is being redesigned, she's getting a permanent wave set and an ice
skating outfit. The new doll Emily will have a dog, a Xmas dress, pjs
and robe. Also, there was a mention of "theatre with velvet seats."

Sounds like fun! We have a few things in the works for Molly & Emily too . . .

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July 26, 2006

Doll Collector Over Does It!

Doll Collection Evicted From Apartment
By The Associated Press

Tue Jul 25, 10:21 AM
GREENWICH, Conn. - Emily Gibbons has been collecting dolls for 15 years, amassing about 200 of them in her small apartment.

They've brought her a lot of joy, at times reminding the 73-year-old woman what it's like to hold a baby in her arms again. Most recently, though, they've gotten her in trouble with the Greenwich Housing Authority.

Housing officials said the doll collection cluttered the public housing apartment and is a fire hazard. The Housing Authority threatened to evict her if she didn't clear the clutter.

"The dolls per se were not the issue _ it was that the apartment was not up to standard," said Terry Mardula, the housing authority's deputy director. "It was cluttered with too much stuff. She has stuff in the closets causing the doors to come out. They could come
down on her. She has heaters blocked."

Most of the dolls have had to go. Gibbons packed away all but about 20 and is temporarily storing the rest at her daughter's home.

Housing officials will inspect her apartment every two months. Mardula said Gibbons passed with flying colors at her most recent inspection.

Still, she misses having the dolls.

At the peak of her collecting, they occupied nearly every spot on the floor between her sofa and television. Gibbons said she wants to find them new homes.

"I want them to go to someone who loves them," she said.

Actual news item . . . NOT a joke!

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July 19, 2006

New and Returning Items

Hooray! Jessica, the cute blonde 18 inch doll by Gotz, is in stock again! We're glad to have her back.

A fun new item we just added is a Hairstyling and Make-up Head . . . we've had quite a few requests for this one. She's from Corolle with long blonde hair and lots of goodies to create fantastic hairdos!

Keep watching for more new products including two new outfits for the Only Hearts Club Dolls and a lovely iron and brass bed for 18" dolls. It just arrived . . . picture coming soon!

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July 17, 2006

Emily and Molly

If you read the magazine Imagine, then you probably already saw the latest photo of Emily and Molly but if not, just click on the link to see it!

It's very much like the first picture we showed you from a Matel meeting . . . and Emily looks sooo cute. Now the BIG question is . . . which outfit is she going to come in?? The blue print dress shown here (my favorite, I admit) OR the one shown on the front of her book Brave Emily. Usually the book shows the doll in her first outfit BUT that doesn't happen with Molly anymore - now her first book shows her in the Halloween Hula skirt but yet she still comes in her cute skirt and sweater.

Questions, questions!!

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July 15, 2006

Christmas in July Sale

If you received our email July Newsletter (click to see) you know that lots of items for the winter holidays are on sale right now. Some of these items we had last year too, but the Madame Alexander doll sets are new . . . I have several nieces that would love the Nutcracker Dreams Doll and Bear!

So, turn over a new leaf and plan ahead - the Christmas in July Sale runs 12 days and will end July 25th.

PS: All Maxy Muffin dolls by Gotz are on Sale too

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July 10, 2006

New Corolle items

We've been busy with a new improved navigation bar AND a better division between Gotz and Corolle dolls. At the same time, we added some new dolls and other goodies from Corolle. Click on the links below to see them:

Introducing Helen - a new 17 inch doll with dark red hair. On the same page we've listed the first two outfits we have just for her!

We also have two new Calin 12" baby dolls - both have hair! The Brunette is called Calin Sweet Bright while the Blonde is Calin Cheerful Bright. Aren't they cute?!

For extra fun with baby dolls, Corolle has added a Meal Time Set with everything your child would want to use in feeding. It's perfectly precious!

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July 09, 2006

More News about the Molly and Emily, American Girl Film

The title of the TV Movie is:

Molly: An American Girl Victory (2006)

The third movie is currently in production to be released this fall.
The first two movies (about Samantha and Felicity) were broadcast on The WB; Molly's movie will be on Disney Channel since UPN is merging with the WB and both sides feel that the movie's content will not fit with the goals of the new network. (Finally we learn why the switch to Disney)

Here's the Cast:

Maya Ritter as Molly McIntire
Tory Green as Emily

Hannah Fleming as Susan
Samantha Wilson as Linda
Josette Halpert as Alison Hargate
David Baker as Dr. James McIntire
Molly Ringwald as Helen McIntire
Genevieve Farrell as Jill McIntire
Andrew Chalmers as Ricky McIntire

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July 06, 2006

Hook On Table Chairs!

Finally! The Gotz Hook-on Table Chairs are back in stock! They work well for 18" dolls in addition to Medium and Large Baby Dolls too. (Check out the pictures at the link)

A great gift and a super buy on Thursdays, our Customer Appreciation Day . . . 15% off on all orders over $15.00

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July 04, 2006

IDEX Discoveries!

We found some delightful items for you at the IDEX Trade Show!

For the 18 inch and American Girl doll fans we have a lovely iron and brass bed coming - really cute patchwork quilt included (and the set is just as pretty and costs less than Samantha's brass bed) plus some cute dress sets with special embroidery touches.

We also ordered some 18" BOY dolls!! We get requests every year and haven't been able to help . . . now we can. These dolls are NOT made in China but in Bavarian Germany. They also had some very pretty all vinyl dolls that are jointed ie they can really sit on a chair as their knees bend and so do their elbows. Cute faces and outfits too. We hope to have these by August so you can see them.

For those of you interested in Large Baby Doll outfits we found a new supplier of cute, cute outfits PLUS they all come with a pretty coordinating receiving blanket!

Then . . . we couldn't resist the Pullup dolls from Japan - they have such cute features and great outfits. Did you know that you can move their eyes and make them wink?! Coming are the new Holly (as in Breakfast at Tiffany's) and a Japan boy and girl students. Really fun dolls!

And we bought a Limited Edition Virginia Turner doll set - one 16" doll but with four complete outfits plus you can switch wigs to change her hair color and style! She's called Julie and will be available in the Rewards Section . . . picture coming soon!

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