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September 27, 2006

Doll Reader Patterns

For those of you who sew for dolls you can get patterns from Doll Reader on-line! The patterns with this link include some for Marley Wentworth (sister of Tyler Wentworth by Robert Tonner) and for Ann Englebreit dolls (also from Tonner Dolls)

While you're there, take a look around and the various articles and ideas - for instance the original paper dolls that you can download.

Sure to be fun!

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September 24, 2006

More About 2006 Ginny Dolls

The Dress Me Dolls for 2006 are now available in our webstore - plus we have three cute outfits just for them and a wonderful set of shoes and socks! Personally I adore the Summer Sail dress but the Party Pink dress is really precious. These new items are in the Vintage mold which is 7.5 inches tall. The shoes and clothes for 8 inch Ginnys are a bigger size so keep that in mind when you shop.

See them all on our Ginny Dress Me Dolls and Clothes page - Enjoy!

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September 22, 2006

Ballet Folklorico Marisol Costume!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned several times (long ago) about creating a Mexico dance costume for Marisol like the ones mentioned in her book . . . Finally! It's done and here - Marisol looks very happy modeling her Ballet Folklorico Dance Costume. And, because it could be a Halloween Costume, it's on sale through September 30th.

Next project-that-is-taking-too-long is a Samantha (or Nellie) dress for girls and dolls. I'll try to be faster with this one . . . we have all the fabric - just need a pattern that fits well. I'll keep you posted!

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Ginny News!

The new Dress Me Ginny dolls and their new outfits have arrived - watch for them by September 25th (promise!)

They are cute BUT they are Vintage size (7.5") and not the 8" size. Unfortunately the two sizes cannot share clothes or shoes. If you are an original Ginny lover from the 1950's - the new outfits etc will fit your old dolls. These dolls are going to bring back happy memories for lots of people!

The 2006 Dress Me dolls have braids and comes in panties only. The outfits and the shoes are sold individually. Of course, we DO have dressed Vintage Ginny dolls in a variety of hairdos and outfits!

And for those who prefer the 8 inch Ginny, they are still available in a variety of hair styles and outfits PLUS we have the Limited Edition outfits that come with dress and shoes. The October outfit is trimmed with Candy Corn and on Sale through September 30th. Decorate with your Ginnys at home or at work!

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September 18, 2006

Halloween Costume Sale!

That's right - ALL Halloween Doll Costumes and Halloween Dolls are on sale! It was announced in last week's DollCloset email Newsletter . . . if you missed it, sign up in the lower right corner of our HomePage.

The Newsletter also featured two new dresses for Molly and Emily - take a look! More fashions for Emily coming . . . and we're working on a Christmas dress for her too!

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September 12, 2006

Should You Buy an 18 inch American Girl Doll?

This is a question we have been asked numerous times by parents and grandparents - here's some points to help you decide:

A. How old is the child?

The first American Girl dolls were marketed specifically for girls 8 years and older to meet a need that was not being filled at that time i.e. quality playdolls for older girls. Today the American Girl dolls are still recommended for ages 8 and up. In fact, the dolls represent girls said to be 8, 9 and 10 years old.

We realize that the dolls are given to girls much younger than 8, but unless she meets some of the other points discussed below, you may be better off giving her a less expensive doll such as those by Gotz or Corolle. The very inexpensive dolls found at stores such as Toys R Us or Target may NOT be viable substitutes as they may not be as huggable, poseable or as sturdy (especially the hair!!). A very young child may do better with a good 14” baby doll by Corolle or Gotz or perhaps the 14” Corolle Toddler dolls. All of these dolls have eyes that open and close and hair to brush or style, in addition to different outfits for different play situations such as going outside, going to sleep.

B. Is the child reading books yet?

If your child is reading her own books, she may well be especially thrilled with the combination of a doll with her own stories as with the Historical American Girl Dolls and the American Girl Doll of the Year. The stories add a welcome dimension to the life of the girl and her doll. The books may encourage your girl to read these stories and others. Of course, these books are available without the American Girl dolls but the combination is especially entrancing to many girls.

C. Do her friends have American Girl dolls?

“Playing Dolls” is a wonderful activity for girls and their friends as they stretch their imaginations and learn about many situations in their play. If her friends also have American Girl dolls, that makes it even more thrilling if she has one too – they can easily exchange clothes and have many adventures. Playing with one’s peers at the same level is important at any age

D. Has she asked for a specific American Girl doll?

Has she asked for Samantha? Or Jess? If she has selected a specific doll, she has already bonded with the doll. Switching her away from that doll to another doll with a happy end result will be very difficult. The American Girl dolls have specific personalities and characteristics that may matter greatly to your child. If it is just the brown hair and eyes, you might be able to change the doll from Samantha to Elisabeth by Gotz . . . but if she also wants Samantha’s personality and wardrobe (whether it’s homemade or bought) , it would probably be better to stick with the doll she selected.

(Do you remember how you or one of your young friends felt when you didn’t get something you had your heart set on? It’s not impossible to switch her allegiance to another doll but if you don’t gauge it correctly you may end up with a doll she never plays with and disappointing memories that last for many, many years)

E. Does she know how to care for dolls?

If all of her dolls have been treated poorly, maybe she needs to hear about that and know that until she does treat her dolls well, she is not ready for an American Girl doll. Learning how to care for dolls is an important life lesson and should be rewarded with receiving a doll she really wants, even an American Girl doll. Depending on her age, give her a doll with the understanding that if she learns how to treat the doll carefully, then she will be ready for an American Girl doll.

F. Are American Girl Dolls quality products?

American Girl Dolls were originally made by the Gotz Doll Company – a premier doll company - with some customized changes for American Girl. (The Gotz Doll Company now produces dolls the same size as American Girl dolls.) Things to look for in wellmade play dolls and American Girl Dolls:

1. Dolls are poseable with at least joints at the shoulders and hip. Some 18 inch dolls have no shoulder joint so the arms flop and the cloth portion of the body extends almost to the elbow and the knee. This rules out many types of outfits such as shorts and sleeveless tops plus makes it harder for girls to position and play with the dolls.

2. Hair care – the Gotz dolls have rooted hair which is essentially a better hair choice. American Girl dolls use wigs – a change made to lower the price of the American Girl doll. If the hair becomes really, really bad, the wig can be removed and a new wig can be glued on. That is not an easy option for rooted hair dolls but usually rooted hair lasts longer.

3. Body size – American Girl dolls have many doll clothing options through the American Girl company in addition to the many companies making doll clothes in that size. You will not have trouble mixing and matching doll outfits! Magic Attic dolls were a really lovely 18” doll option BUT because they were all vinyl and very slender, they needed a new size of clothes (and shoes) which reduced the possibilities for sharing. I think that is one of the reasons the demand and the doll company disappeared.

4. Doll Repair – American Girl has maintained a Doll Hospital for many years – they do excellent work because they are trained in it and have the parts needed to do the repair. It is fairly easy to send a doll to them for repair. In most parts of the USA it is next to impossible to find local doll repair shops that do good work on playdolls. Unfortunately it is a dying art.

In conclusion, a strong case can be made for purchasing an American Girl Doll depending on the girl’s age and her desire for the doll if she takes good care of her dolls. It’s true that the dolls are not inexpensive but she should be old enough to help by working for it and saving her money. American Girl Dolls should be treated as the special dolls they are and a valuable means to keep your child a young girl for a few years longer.

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September 06, 2006

Halloween Doll Costumes!

The Halloween Doll Costume Index is up now! Lots and lots of cute costumes for your dolls from baby dolls to American Girl to My Twinn Dolls . . . some costumes are almost gone but many are new (like the 18" Spider Witch, the Magic Attic Fairy Ensemble and the cute, cute Witch and Wizard Costumes for Large Baby Dolls. Have fun and enjoy

(Remember to shop on Thursday, Customer Appreciation Day for your 15% discount on purchases over $15!)

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Mini-Emily Doll Etc

We're so pleased to have both mini-Emily and mini-Molly available now . . . plus we have the book Brave Emily in both hardback and paperback. (Yes, I read it - it's a cute story and Emily is very loveable!)

Emily and all her goodies are now available . . . and we have some of our own coming for you too. But first my new Emily doll needs to arrive so she can model the new outfits for you!

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