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November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Sale !

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful . . . if you didn't get our email Newsletter with all the information on this weekend sales - read it HERE ! Happy Thanksgiving -

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November 17, 2006

Ginny and Emma Doll Updates!

The news about Ginny is that she is our Featured Doll this week and as such is reduced 20%! Sale lasts until Tuesday midnight on November 21st. PLUS we've added a few new items such as our remaining Nutcracker Ginny Dolls, the adorable Gingerbread Ginnys (a boy and a girl in Gingerbread Brown outfits!) and a Limited Special from us - purchase a Winner's Circle Ginny and for just $14.00 more, you can get the Limited November outfit - a brown velvet party confection!

Emma's BIG news is that she is Back in Stock! One of Corolle's most popular dolls as she can drink from a bottle and then she can use her potty! Her brother Paul is also available and another cutie. Both have been recommended for children starting Potty Training . . .

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November 16, 2006

New Corolle Baby Doll Outfits

With the addition of Lila and Jules, both interactive 17 inch Baby Dolls by Corolle, we realized that we needed special outfits for their special size. Now the 17 inch Baby Doll Clothing is available - we have six special outfits and one more coming (a Pink Fleece set)

Now they can be dressed for play and parties . . . or rocked to sleep in our wood cradle!

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November 11, 2006

American Girl Fashion Show!

The Children's Hospital in our area put on an American Girl Fashion Show as a fundraiser this week and was it fun!

My niece and grand-niece went with me - we and our dolls had a grand time! My great niece is 8 and has had her AGOT doll for almost a year. For some reason, they wore matching Colonial dresses from DollCloset.com !! I brought my new Emily in her red, white and blue dress and my niece had her Kirsten that she got when she was in college.

Lots of little girls and Moms and Grandmoms etc - quite a few dolls and girls were dressed alike. Our table wasn't full, but the other girl there & her doll had a matching "fur" coat (Grandma made) . . . and matching eyeglasses.

The Fashion Show was longer than I remembered and did include some of the old Pleasant Company Girls dresses such as Addy's and Samantha's Christmas dress etc. (Did you notice that we have a new Samantha dress almost like it now?) They definitely had ALL the matching nightgowns and PJs in addition to the modern outfits available now from American Girl . . . including that Mattel Pink holiday dress (my adult niece agreed that it looked a little like Barbie!)

There were some door prize drawings and a little store as you entered (& left) with T-shirts, books, mini-dolls etc. I used to attend these when Pleasant Rowland was in charge and there was a bigger emphasis on taking orders from the catalogs because then a percentage of the sales went to the Charity putting it on . . . there were catalogs there but the selling was real low key . . . which frankly was nice!!

I must say that the Fashion Show models were really first rate - not sure if they were professionals or not but they did a great job. There were even some little ones modeling Bitty Baby items and a pair of twins in those cute denim dresses - everyone said "Aww" when they came out!

PS: To find out if a Fashion Show is coming to your area, go to the Fashion Show locater at AmericanGirl.com

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November 09, 2006

Effanbee and Only Hearts Club Doll Specials

Join us at DollCloset.com as we feature the special dolls from Effanbee! You will find reduced and sale prices on ALL Patsy and Toni Dolls . . . that means the fantastic 14" Wizard of Oz series in addition to other Patsy dolls. Plus we are proud to feature "Toni in Wonderland", a special Limited Edition that is just perfect.

As if that is not enough, this week we will also feature the Only Heart Club Dolls at Sale Prices! These doll specials will continue until midnight of November 15th. Early Bird Specials just for you!

PS: Next week Ginny Dolls will be featured

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November 05, 2006

The Importance of Pretend Play

Pretend play can also be called role play which means "to act out or translate into action". Experts agree that "preschoolers are masters of make believe. They like to act out grownup roles and enjoy costumes and props to help them bring their imaginations to life".

Toys that inspire pretend play and allow children to imitate mom or dad are very important . . . and can be found at DollCloset.com!

Examples are the Toy Booster Seat which helps children learn about car safety for not only their dolls or stuffed animal but for their selves.
More examples are the Dress-up Costumes available and the Tea Party Sets. Coming soon is a "Silver" Service and a Junior Chef Cookware Set!

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November 03, 2006

Corolle Dolls Early Bird Special !

DollCloset.com has started something new - every week until Christmas we will be featuring one specific doll brand with early bird prices! This week Corolle Baby Dolls, Corolle 14 inch Toddler Dolls and Corolle 17 inch Girl Dolls are at special sale prices. The best part is that after the sale week (November 8th is the last day) you will still find excellent prices on ALL Corole dolls.

Take a look at our new 14" Corolle Baby Doll Amelie - she's dressed for the Holidays! Just arrived: the 11" Baby Twins (one boy and one girl) and the 17" Interactive Baby Dolls, Lila and Jules. All from Corolle at the best prices.

PS: Next week the featured dolls will be the classic Effanbee Patsy and Toni Dolls!

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