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December 23, 2006

Doll Trunks!

Good news and bad news . . . the good is that we expect more doll trunks to be available by Monday!

The bad news is that we will ONLY have pink (NO white) and that the company that makes them has discontinued the doll trunks! What we can get is all we can have.

We will continue looking for QUALITY doll trunks but it is NOT an easy task . . . we've been looking for ages. Sooo if you really want one, order soon!

(Order 12/25 or after and get a 15% discount with our Winter Sale!)

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December 17, 2006

The Latest News from the North Pole!

Read about a lovely group of people and elves who work at North Pole - enjoy the following article !

"With street names like Holiday Road, St. Nicholas Drive and Snowman Lane, one city knows just how to prepare for the holidays, even in the most extreme conditions. In North Pole, Alaska, it's Christmas 365 days a year, with holiday preparations heating up as December 25th draws near. This year, Duracell(R) will become the official battery of North Pole, helping the city prepare for the festivities of the season -- whether lighting the way for local postal workers to deliver thousands of letters to Santa, or powering the tools and toys in Santa's workshop."

"Duracell, North Pole city planners and even Santa himself have created a variety of tips and tools to help people get ready for the holidays, which will be available online at www.duracell.com throughout the holiday season. Online visitors have the opportunity to upload a photo of their own house decorated in festive lights for a chance to see it in North Pole in December. As the holidays near, the site will offer a glimpse of how the residents of North Pole and the Santa Claus House are preparing, sharing more holiday advice and providing a downloadable "Dear Santa" letter template to help families complete their very own holiday wish lists."

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!

PS: Our Special Winter Sale starts December 25th . . .

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December 09, 2006

Delivery for Christmas!

The BIG question is always "Will I get my order in time?"

The answer is YES IF:
you shop early enough so that your order can be prepared
(unlike most companies, quite a few of our items are pressed before they leave us);
then packed carefully (as repeat customers know - we do a super careful job);
and finally mailed.

We use Priority Mail in most cases . . . however our 9 years of experience has taught us that the Post Office (& UPS and FedEx) have limits!! The reason we don't use UPS or FedEX for the majority of our deliveries is that we are usually dealing with light packages containing dolls and doll clothing. UPS and FedEX routinely carry very heavy packages which may end up on top of your order . . . crushing and damage is often the end result.

For Priority Mail your packages MUST be starting transit by December 14th . . . we know the Post Office says even later but, trust us, it doesn't work that way for most items. You don't need more stress!

The Post Office gets so bogged down that many times containers and containers of Priority Mail packages are stored at an airport and don't even begin on the journey until after Christmas.

After a certain point, all the Post Office can work on is the Express Mail. That is why we urge you to use Express Mail if you order after December 11th and you want delivery by Christmas.

Even delivery right after Christmas will be delayed . . . last year a customer wanted some items three days after Christmas for a birthday party. She was sure Priority Mail would be fine . . . but her order did not arrive until a week and a half after the party!

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