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January 29, 2007

New Ginny Dolls etc!

Do have a peek at the new Modern Dress Me Dolls for 2007 - very cute! All are up now (Blonde, Brunette, African American, Redhead and Hispanic)

PLUS we were able to get up three of the cute new outfits . . . Sweet Dreams (with DUCK slippers!), A Day in May with a lovely picture hat and First Ballet - lovely lilac costume . . . and more are coming!

Not to be forgotten are the NEW Ginny Dressed Dolls - we just added First Date . . . an adorable retro 1950's doll right down to her pearls, petticoat and saddle shoes!

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January 25, 2007

January DollCloset.com Newsletter

In case you didn't receive our email Newsletter just click on DollCloset.com Newsletter to read!

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January 21, 2007

Corolle Items Back in Stock!

Hooray! We got a BIG order of 2006 items from Corolle - they are back up on the pages now . . . for example:

Anna the Ballerina is back in stock . . . I love her because she is pretty AND all vinyl so she can go in the tub! The bad news is that she has been retired for a new also pretty ballerina BUT I don't know if she's all-vinyl or not.

Also back in stock but retired (so what we have is all we can get) are 14" dolls Aurore the brunette princess and Stella the blonde princess. Both precious but very limited! In additon, Helen the 17" redhead is back - and retired as is Maroussia !

We've also been able to get some of the Corolle Baby Dolls that were out ie Tidoo Bright is here again and so is the pretty Lila, the 17 inch interactive doll.

We've been able to get more outfits that fit 17" Lila also such as the adorable Coat Set and the Denim Dress Set.

More outfits have arrived for the 14" Baby Dolls too such as the Red Snowsuit and the Flowered Dress Set.

Lots of Small Baby Doll Corolle outfits are Back in Stock too such as the Flowered Pants Set and the Pink Jogging Outfit.

Please join us to complete your Corolle collection! Remember, we're still offering 15% discounts on orders over $15.00 every Thursday -

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January 18, 2007

Doll News - American Girl 2007!

The Chicago Tribune printed an article on January 16th with lots of new information we've been wanting!

The gist of the article is that YES there are going to be two new satellite stores in shopping malls near Atlanta and Dallas this year. They will be called American Girl Boutique and Bistro. They will not have a theater, museum or full fledged restaurant like the flagship stores in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. But of course they will have doll shopping opportunities . . . just not all of the dolls.

BIG news - the first new historical character since Kaya (in 2002) will be unveiled this fall!! That must be the Rebecca we've heard rumors about . . . and I think that means NO new friend doll (ie Ruthie) this year . . . and therefore it follows that there is NO new movie this year. But I'm looking forward to learning more about the new historical doll coming our way!!

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Doll News - Corolle 2007!

Our new Corolle catalog has arrived with some very, very nice additions . . . and a few changes.

Several of the Calin dolls have new outfits and one comes with four toys! Several new outfits for the Tidoo dolls also - I especially like the "Rainbow" one! A new baby accessory is a "Doctor" set complete with a stethoscope that has a heart "sound"! Lots of cute baby doll outfits - some brand new. Bebeplouf bath babies are completely new - they are 12" all vinyl dolls for the bathtub. The girl has blond curls but I don't think they are sexed dolls.

There is a new 14" baby doll called Bebe Charmer which can sit and has a pacifier. Emma, Paul and Lila seem to be the same . . . but they have added Lea who can speak . . . in English, Spanish, French and Italin! I'm looking forward to seeing this doll in person to see how she works.
A new baby doll accessory is a twin stroller which looks very good - we will be investigating that one for you.

New to the 14" toddler line is Marie Ballerina with a longer pink and white ballerina costume - very pretty! The first 14" toddler with a darker complexion is very welcome - she is named Coralie. There are also two sets of 17" and 14" dolls that are dressed outstanding - one set is called "Welcome to Paris" in pink florals and the othere set is called "White Winter" with fur jackets & hats!

The biggest change I can see is that there are NO Doucette dolls! (I'm glad to say we still have a nice selection.) They have been replaced with a 16" doll with ponytails in pink, violet or blue . . . we'll have to see those to decide.

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Doll News - Ginny 2007!

Our Ginny catalog arrived! Lots of great items coming your way . . . happy to say Vogue is now offering BOTH Vintage Dress Me dolls and Modern Dress Me dolls (they are wearing a cute undershirt/panties set and have shoulder length hair - perfect for brushing!) Lots of new outfits for the Modern dolls too - and shoe sets. Watch for them soon (we'll let you know when)

Disappointing news to me is that there are no new International Dolls - but we still have Scotland, Poland and India.
The Happy Birthday doll will be available in blonde, brunette and redhead - a change from the past. There's a cute new threesome of Ginny in Love that will be up soon (and be part of our Valentine's Day Sale!)

We've ordered several cute brand-new Vintage dolls - the ones called "My Dolly" and "Easter Girl" will be up soon. Then in the winter we will have "Winter's Day" (my favorite) and "Candy Cane".
We've also ordered several of the Doll Club dolls - they are honoring Breast Cancer Awareness and feature big pink bows!

Vogue's big introduction for this year is the Mini-Ginny. She is 5.5 inches tall but, frankly, doesn't look cute in the pictures. Until we see in person to see how they look then, we're not going to carry them. They DO have very pretty dresses! If you see and like - please let us know!

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January 17, 2007

Valentine Sale !

Our annual Valentine's Day Sale has begun and will continue through February 14th . . . while the items last (some are very limited). Take a look at the list of dolls and outfits on sale . . . and more are coming! We just received some adorable Valentine Bears - we'll let you know when they are up.

Two new 18" doll outfits! One is a Queen of Hearts costume modeled by Emily and the other is Hearts and Flowers Sleepwear modeled by Nellie and NICKI!!

PS: You can also see Nicki in a new Rocky Mountain outfit - she's adorable! And, because I've started reading her book, I know her best friend has red hair . . . that's why she's paired with Julia and Nellie!

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January 12, 2007

Winter Sale Ending . . .

Our BIG Winter Sale will end Sunday January 14 . . . BUT we will have a Sale on Monday January 15th in honor of Martin Luther King's birthday! There will be 15% off on all purchases over $15.00 plus Addy items and a few dolls will be reduced too.

In addition, we've decided to continue our Customer Appreciation Days - every Thursday you can get 15% off your order (minimum purchase $15.00)

PS: We should have new pictures and new outfits up starting 1/15/07 - watch for them!

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January 11, 2007

Ginny 2007 News!

Just spoke with Vogue - the company that makes the Ginny dolls - and the Dress Me Doll will be back to the 8 inch doll this year!! Right now the Dress Me doll is a 7.5 inch doll . . . and they do NOT share clothes or shoes. . . each must have their own.

The catalog should be here by next week - I'll let you know the scoop as soon as I see them!

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January 04, 2007

American Girl NEWS!

Just learned from an AG Fan Newsletter:

For those near Atlanta it seems AG will be opening up a Boutique store (an AG store that is smaller than an AG Place) in North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia (northern suburb of Atlanta). Other rumors place more Boutiques in possibly Houston, Dallas, or Seattle. The store(s) may be opening in Fall 2007 and may include a bistro in addition to the store.

Kit Movie Rumors

It sounds like the planned Kit movie, which was to come out in theaters, will probably be delayed by AG until at least 2008, and will probably not be in theaters either. Other rumors have it that the movie is cancelled. We will keep you posted!

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January 02, 2007

Welcome to Nicki - Doll of 2007!

Just as many of you did, I also fell for the new American Girl Doll, Nicki and have ordered her - love those freckles! Can't wait to see her in person (have to admit I worrry about her curls - one of my nieces has a doll with the same hairdo and it causes problems!).

The Wall Street Journal recently told about the process of refining Nicki - here's a casual report from one of my adult doll friends!

An article about Nicki Fleming appeared on the front page of the Saturday Wall Street Journal this morning! A picture of her in her "Meet" outfit is on the front page also. Her embroidered skirt and boots are too, too cute!

Since it is the Journal, of course it was about the marketing of AG's newest doll. Mattel used focus groups to come with the concept, tested the clothing designs, and made changes along the way to accommodate their desires. The original concept was to have a
girl from the heartland leave home to stay with an aunt in NYC or LA to pursue her dreams of performing. The focus group moms nixed that one! "Don't take my girl away." So they decided on the storyline of an overscheduled, dog-loving girl who has to deal with peer
pressure. They originally thought to have her working in a pet store. There is a gala at school that Nicki must attend that brings in the peer pressure from the popular girls' group. The outfit for the gala was redesigned when the focus group girls didn't like it so

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