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March 31, 2007

April First Sale!

No Fooling!!

15% off all sales over $15.00 on April 1st - Have fun!!

That's Easter Girl Ginny pictured above - Cute!

And don't forget the Retired Easter Accessory Set shown below with Nikki and the three Puppies!

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March 28, 2007

American Girl History . . .

Twenty years ago in 1987 Samantha by Pleasant Company was chosen for Doll Design Concept of the Year in the Dolls of the Year Awards !

For those more recent to American Girl Dolls, Pleasant Company was the original name as the company was started by a woman named Pleasant Rowland. She sold the company later to Mattel and the name was changed to American Girl.

The story is that she came up with the concept when she couldn't find a good doll for her nieces plus she was visiting Virginia and wanted to bring Felicity to life. The first three dolls were Kirsten, Samantha and Molly. The rest is History!

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March 26, 2007

Madame Alexander Dolls Back in Stock

Boxes of dolls from Madame Alexander just arrived and we have now have more My First Communion dolls with Blonde and Brunette hairdos . . . the Latin and African American First Communion dolls were already here.

Also back in stock is Winnie the Pooh and a Blustery Day . . . it includes all of Pooh's friends including Christopher Robin.

And the lovely Blushing Baby Pussycat 14 inch Baby Doll is back in stock - she's so cute that she went really fast last year!

We'll be getting more NEW Madame Alexander dolls in the next few months - we'll keep you updated! I'm especially looking forward to the Wizard of Oz and the Disney Princess Dress-up Trunk Sets . . .

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March 22, 2007

New Clothes for Bitty Baby and Josefina. . . plus Bunnies!

Won't your Bitty Baby look cute dressed as a Bunny for Easter?! Brand new and ready to fit most medium baby dolls.

Josefina is ready for Spring in this new print dress in the empire style!

Bree is our newest Bunny . . . isn't she sweet? We have several others on our Teddy Bear and Plush page including mini-Bunnies for your dolls - check them out!

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March 18, 2007

MacDonald's and Madame Alexander Dolls 2007

MARCH 23rd - APRIL 19th 2007

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March 15, 2007

March Newsletter from DollCloset.com

If you didn't get a copy - click here to read.

Notice that we'll be celebrating Josefina's Birthday from March 16th through the 21st.
(Her actual birthday is March 19th)
Check out the Josefina Specials on the Birthday Page . . .

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March 13, 2007

Only Hearts Club for 2007!

Come check out the Fantasy Pets for your Only Hearts Club Dolls!

These are larger versions of the small ones included with the costumes ie Mystique the White Unicorn shown here is just like the one included with the Fairy Costume.

Majesty the Purple Horse and Aquarius the Dolphin are also in stock now.

Many outfits are back in stock now plus we've added the English Riding Outfit (expect Bitsy the Baby Horse very soon!)

Later this summer watch for TWO new girls joining the Club . . . we imagine they will have Books too. We'll let you know as soon as they get here!

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March 12, 2007

Gotz Baby Dolls for 2007!

The new Gotz Baby Dolls are here AND adorable!

We have the 2007 brunette Maxy Muffin plus two 2007 blonde Maxy Muffins . . . one is in a ballerina costume! The big news is that the redhead Maxy Muffin has a new hairdo - a cute bob.

Frankly, I prefer these dolls to the Bitty Baby dolls - they can sit up!! Haven't you noticed how difficult it is to sit a Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin? PLUS they can wear the same clothes as Bitty Baby dolls giving them lots of possibilities in addition to our Medium Baby Doll Outfits.

We also have the 2007 Bath Baby Dolls back in stock with blonde or brunette hair - these were really selling fast and furious last winter. Easy to see why as they are so cute with pretty hairdos plus they can get wet in a bathtub or pool. Fun!!

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March 07, 2007

New Spring Outfits for American Girl and Baby Dolls

More and more outfits are arriving so your dolls can be ready for Spring too!
Already here and on our site are several Spring dresses for 18" dolls such as the two with jackets seen in Special Spring Dresses . . . and notice the ring that Nellie is sporting in the picture above! It has a pink stone and is designed for doll hands like American Girl. Too Cute!

Then don't miss Marisol's new pant set and her friends turquoise tiered dress - Very Chic!!

Not to be outdone we have three brand-new Corolle outfits for baby dolls like the Trendy Bloomer Set shown here:

plus a Butterfly Set and a pink print Bloomer Set . . . all three are here now in Small (12-13 inch) and Medium (14 inch) Baby Doll Sizes.

Enjoy and Dress for Spring!!

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