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July 30, 2007

August DollReader Anniversary

DollReader magazine is celebrating their 35th anniversary! One of this month's features is 35 events that changed Doll History . . . here's the highlights from MY perspective:

# 1 - in 1810 the very first PaperDoll was issued

# 8 - Raggedy Ann doll design patent approved for John Gruelle. He was a cartoonist and he made Raggedy Ann, Andy and their stories for his ill daughter, Marcella. Raggedy Ann and Andy became two of the most recognized icons of the 20th century.

# 10 - Vogue Doll Company was founded in Massachusetts in 1922 by Jennie Graves. Six years after she introduced the Ginny dolls in 1951, Vogue Dolls became the largest doll manufacturer in the USA. Vogue Doll continue to produce Ginny Dolls in the 21st century.

# 11 - The Alexander Doll Company is founded in 1923 in New York City by Madame Beatrice Behrman. She and her sisters had been designing dolls and doll clothing years before this in conjunction with the family doll hsopital. The company introduced many character dolls including the Dionne quintruplets, Sonja Henie and Queen Elizabeth in addition to literary classics such a Little Women, Snow White and Wizard of Oz.

# 12 - The first Shirley Temple Dolls were released by Ideal Toys in 1934 in time for the holiday season. They were composition and came in several sizes with many wardrobe choices based on Shirley Temple films. Later the dolls were made in vinyl and porcelain. The Shirley dolls were Ideal's most profitable dolls - they sold over $6 million in the 1930's alone!

# 14 - The first Sasha dolls were created in the 1940's by Swiss artist, Sasha Morgenthaler. They became know for their lifelike design and facial features. They have been produced by Gotz Dolls and Trendon Toys.

# 16 - Ideal Toys introduces the Toni doll in 1949 . . . she had a wig that could be curled, set and brushed. She was a "must-have" for many girls in the early '50's and became another top-selling doll for Ideal.

# 18 - Betsy McCall debuted in 1951 to help boost sales for McCall Sewing patterns. Based on the paper doll in McCall magazines she initially was 14 inches high.

# 20 - Mattel introduces the first Barbie doll in 1959. Standing 11.5" high with an adult body Barbie will change the face of the doll industry and remain popular into the 21st century. 351,000 Barbies were sold the first year!

# 24 - In 1983 th first Cabbage Patch Kids were sold by Coleco Toy Co. The designer, Xavier Roberts, was only 21 when he first invented the soft sculpted dolls. They took the county by storm and sold about 3 million dolls in the first year!

# 28 - Pleasant Company was founded by Pleasant Rowland in 1986 to launch her line of three historical 18 inch dolls, books, clothes and accessories. In 1998 the company was sold to Mattel and became American Girl LLC. More than 13 million dolls and 117 million books have been sold to date.

# 30 - In 1991 Robert Tonner, a doll artist and fashion designer, launches the Tonner Doll Company. His dolls include fashion dolls, Betsy McCall, Mary Engelbreit and Harry Potter!

# 34 - The US Postal Service issued doll stamps in 1997 featuring 15 different dolls.

PS: The Ginny Doll shown at the top of the page is Margie

The Mary Engelbreit doll by Tonner shown at the bottom of the page is Birthday Bash!

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July 21, 2007

Intorduction of Julie coming !

We were VERY excited to receive an invitation to attend the official Introduction of Julie and Ivy August 9 or August 10!

Definitely attending and can't wait . . . it says there is a Vignette in the Theater followed by a themed dinner at our California American Girl Place. I've heard it's the same days in New York so assume it's the same for Chicago.

AND it says that we can preview and order the 18" doll, her 6 book set, her accessories and her new 18" best friend ie IVY!! Hooray!

I wonder how long we will have to wait for the doll after we order her . . . I imagine the release won't be until late August or early September.

Should be fun and we will definitely take pictures so you can preview too!

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July 16, 2007

Mary Engelbreit Dolls by Tonner in Stock!

We just completely re-vamped out Engelbreit Doll pages with NEW items!

Check out the two eight inch dolls (Birthday Bash shown above is an adorable example) plus the FIVE ten inch dolls (including Michael) AND the FOUR ten inch outfits (Back to School outfit is shown below)

Just adorable!

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July 14, 2007

Christmas in July SALE!

Our Annual Christmas in July Sale has begun! Here's your chance to stock-up on Christmas dolls, girl's dresses, doll Holiday outfits, Christmas books and craft kits.

All of these items - plus winter coats - are on sale beginning July 14 through midnight, Pacific Time, July 25, 2007.

Join DollCloset and SAVE!

PS: Mary Engelbreit doll on the top of this page is "The Stockings Were Hung" by Tonner Dolls

Satin Holiday Dresses is pictured at the end of the article

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July 08, 2007

Summer Activities Sale Update

We have added some great new items to the list of Summer Activities you won't want to miss!

THREE new CookBooks:
Coconut's CookBook; The Mix-It Up Cook Book; and Tiny Treats: Fun Foods to Make and Eat

We were also able to add Very Funny Elizabeth and Nellie's Promise - great summer reading!

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July 04, 2007

Fourth of July SALE!

Celebrate Independance Day with our Sale through July 6, 2007!

Receive an automatic 15% off on any in-stock item with a minimum purchase of $15.00. And, yes, that includes an additional 15% off already no-sale items such as those listed in our Summer Activities Index.

Enjoy and have a Safe and Happy 4th from DollCloset.com!

PS: Check out the 18 inch Doll Patriotic outfits shown at the top HERE and the Flag Collar outfits above HERE

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July 03, 2007

New Clothes for Medium Bitty Baby, Corolle and Maxy Muffin Dolls

We've been adding new outfits as quick as we can, so take a look!

For the Bitty Baby (and Bitty Twin Girls) and the Maxy Muffin Dolls we have some sweet pink confections your little girl will love. Shown above are the two Pretty Pink Dresses that are actually made in the USA!

Then check out below to see the newest Corolle outfit - a pink flowered pants set that includes a fleece jacket for night time breezes. This same outfit also comes in 12 to 13 inch for Small Baby Dolls and for Corolle's special 17" Baby Dolls. (Corolle's NEW interactive Lida is on her way - watch for her right after the Fourth!!)

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