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January 24, 2008

International Doll Exposition in Florida

IDEX is being held in Orlando, Florida starting January 24, 2008.

This is a very important show for doll companies as it is the first time that the new dolls for 2008 are shown . . . even before Toy Fair in New York City! In addition, IDEX has several days and MANY events that are available to the public . . . very different from the Toy Fair. So, if you are near Orlando, it would be a wonderful opportunity to see Dolls, Bears and the people who create them. Go to the IDEX website for registration information.

Here's a list of some of the events in store for you at IDEX :


Once Upon A Time with Linda Rick & Lee Middleton Moments

See the lineup of 2008 dolls, and enjoy refreshments, gifts, and door prizes.

Riley in Monet's Garden
Make a bonnet for Riley to shield her face from the Giverny sun.

Attendees will receive Riley and all the materials necessary to make her a lovely chapeau.

Vogue Ginny Sock Hop
Join us for the best ever 50's celebration!

Step back in time for fun, music, prizes, and a really special doll.

Tonner's Ultra Basic Breakfast

Meet Robert Tonner and join him for a light breakfast as he introduces an exciting, new, streamlined basic fashion doll.

All New Tea Time with Berdine Creedy
Come and get your very own 10" MagneKid doll.

Also unveiled for the first time are the new resin 13" BJDs.

Goodreau's Winter Fantasy
Receive the first dressed vinyl BJD by Goodreau Dolls LLC! This fun-filled ice cream social will have plenty of giveaways, and a sneak peek at a new series of dolls and a delightful program.

Brunch with Maggie Iacono
Enjoy brunch with noted felt doll artist Maggie Iacono. Receive one of her enchanting 8-1/2-inch felt children made just for this event!

Dolls shown to set the "stage" are from the top:
Miami Beach by Madame Alexander

Little Bailey
by Middleton Dolls
Duffle Coat Riley by Helen Kish
Love Letters Ginny by Vogue Dolls
Marley, 2006 Convention Doll by Tonner Dolls
Doll Tea Set

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January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

Visit the Civil Rights memorial on-line by clicking HERE - the memorial is just around the corner from the church where King served as pastor.

Did you know that King was the youngest man and only the second American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and he donated all his winnings ($54,123) to the civil rights movement?

In honor of Martin Luther King's birthday we have specials AND a 15% discount sale! Addy is shown above in the 1800's Spring dress on sale through Saturday, January 26th or while in stock. Other items for Addy that are reduced include the Retired School Dress, the Addy Mystery Books and Addy Paper Doll set.

The 15% discount on everything (including items already on sale) is available on Monday, January 21st only - minimun order $15.00, ends at midnight Pacific Time.

Other special sale items include the cute Madame Alexander Baby Dolls
shown above - Up and Away Huggems and Baby Cuddles Hearts A Flutter. plus the lovely 8 inch My First Communion African American doll!

Also reduced are special dolls shown below from the Corole Doll Company: Bebe Do Black Graceful and the 14 inch Toddler Doll, Coralie

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January 17, 2008

New Corolle Baby Doll Items

Here's our newest Corolle Baby Doll - Suce Pouce (I think it translates to Sweet or Sugar Pink) . . . and she is a sweet 14" baby doll complete with a bottle. Later this year this doll will come dressed in a new pink outfit and also in a blue outfit.

We have some new Corolle Baby Doll outfits your dolls may like such as the Jeans and Wrap Top Set shown below:

We have it in stock now for 14 inch Medium Baby Dolls and for 17 inch Corolle Baby Dolls.

Other Corolle outfits that were out of stock from the holiday frenzy, are now back in stock. These include the Small Baby Doll Tunic Pant Set (my favorite and it's NOT in the 2008 catalog!) and the pretty Trendy Bloomer Set shown below (also NOT in the 2008 catalog).

Sooo - what is IN the 2008 Corolle Catalog?

NINE Calins . . . a new Calin Smiling with brownish-red hair (in the picture anyway), a new Calin Candy Pink, Laughing Raspberry and Calin Naima plus repeats (but not of the Calin Laughing Flower which I think is a cutie!)

There are six Tidoo dolls - two are repeats but there's a new Latin Striped Tidoo!

Of the seventeen 12" outfits, seven are repeats and the rest new. My favorite is a pink smocked dress - very pretty!

The Medium Baby Dolls have the same Bebe Do, Chouquette and Charmeur dolls (thank goodness!!) and a NEW 20" bebe Cheri that is said to wear actual 3 month baby clothes! I'm looking forward to ordering that one . . . the sexed bath baby dolls Emma and Paul plus Interactive Lila are still shown - and we carry all of them! The new interactive doll for 2008 is Marie with blond hair and blue eyes - we'll see about that one. The doll outfits are about the same as for the small baby dolls including the pink smocked dress plus a very pretty pink eyelet dress and shrug. Can't wait!!

Miss Corolle dolls are dressed in new - but not outstanding - clothing. However, the new outfits for the 14" Toddler and 17" girl dolls have several wonderful garments including a ballerina set (!!) and a stylish pink rosette dress set - along with several cute pant sets. This year there is a print nightgown (with slippers) instead of PJs.

We'll let you know when these arrive . . . looks like some of the outfits should be here before Easter or sooner!

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January 05, 2008

New Outfits for 18 inch Dolls

Your dolls can celebrate Chinese New Year's in style with these two new outfits! And take a good look at our Ivy - doesn't she look pretty with her hair caught back in the haircomb? And check out the bronze shoes and matching shoulder bag that our Julie doll is sporting - groovey!

As part of this entry we included a little on the Chinese New Year's Celebration:
Chinese New Year is an important holiday and on a special Chinese calendar (similar to the Easter and Jewish holidays being on a lunar calendar) so they do not start on January 1st; every year has a special symbol. In 1964 it was the Year of the Dragon; 2008 is the Year of the Rat. The Chinese New Year's Celebration lasts 15 days.

And above is another new outfit - a three piece purple sweats set! I'm thinking it will be perfect for my Mia when she is on the way to skating practice . . . or maybe school! Notice her cool flower print sneakers - they're brand new too.

For more good news . . . the Winter Sale is still on at DollCloset.com - but it will end January 13th at midnight so take advantage now!

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January 03, 2008

Ruthie and Kit

In case you haven't seen the cover of the NEW Ruthie book (available in May), this is it! Isn't she cute?? Can't wait to see the doll like this picture - looks like she will have brown eyes.

Here's the synopsis of the book "Really, Truly Ruthie" by Valerie Tripp:

Ruthie Smithens, Kit Kittredge's best friend, is a big part of Kit's six-book historical series. Now Ruthie stars in a brand-new book of her own.

Ruthie loves fairy tales and happy endings. She'd also love to help Kit, whose family is struggling through the Great Depression. When Ruthie learns the Kittredges are having trouble paying the mortgage on their house, she decides to find a way to reach Kit's Aunt Millie in hopes of creating a real-life happy ending.

And, not to leave Kit behind, there's a new Mystery Book about Kit too called "A Thief in the Theater" that will be released in February.

Here's a preview:

It's 1935 and Kit Kittredge is volunteering backstage for a local theater company. She plans to write an exciting newspaper article about a new play that stars famous actors from New York City. But behind the scenes, Kit and her friend Stirling discover more drama than they bargained for.

Watch for both books - they sound great!

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