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April 25, 2008

Doll Horoscopes!

A recent issue of DollReader magazine included an insert for Young Collectors. One of the articles showed Girl Scouts in Florida earning doll badges, in part by attending the IDEX (International Doll Exposition) event. They looked like they were having fun!

Another doll group that encourages Junior Collectors is the United Federation of Doll Clubs . . . in fact they have Junior Collector Tea events every year at the UFDC's Annual Convention. This year the Annual Convention is in Las Vegas at the end of July but Junior Collectors do not need to be UFDC members to attend the Junior Collector portion. Check it out HERE!

In other articles a number of dolls were mentioned including Mia, from American Girl, Cabbage Patch Kids (celebrating 25 years!) There was a Cabbage patch craze for years . . . and lots of adults and children collect them today.

But what really caught my eye was a Horoscope of Dolls . . . here's a few excerpts:

Taurus: April 21 - May 20

"Okay Taurus, you're a trustworthy and steadfast friend through thick and thin. You are determined and usually get what you want just by flashing those pearly whites. You are thrifty and always careful with your money. Your color is pink, your birthstone is emerald . . . "

They selected a Ginny Doll we don't have BUT we think that Julie and Ivy (pictured below) fit the description perfectly!

Gemini - May 21 - June 21

"You're always in the know, Gemini. You are smart, quick-witted, curious, and a true social butterfly. If you commit to something, try not to get too distracted; it's important to finish what you start. You also know how to make people laugh, and laughter can sometimes be the best medicine of all. Your best color is yellow, your birthstone is the pearl, alexandrite, or moonstone. . . "

We nominate the Mary Engelbreit outfit A Walk in the Park - perfect for your 10 inch dolls!

The last one for today is for those with summer birthdays:

Cancer - June 22 - July 22

Sometimes you'd rather just curl up on the couch with a good book, Cancer. You are home-loving and a kind, generous and devoted friend. Because of your nurturing qualities, people often turn to you for support. Your color is silver, your birthstone is ruby . . . "

Our pick is Mary Poppins and the Penguins from Madame Alexander!

PS: Vintage Ginny Doll at top is "My Dolly"

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April 20, 2008

Save with Felicity's and Molly's Birthday Specials!

It's time for more Birthday celebrations! Felicity Merriman's birthday is April 21st and Molly McIntyre's Special Day is April 22nd . . . so we combined them for BIG savings.

Their special items are on sale through Saturday, April 26, 2008 . . . which means that you can receive an additional 15% off on Thursdays (our Customer Appreciation Day) for in-stock purchases over $15.00 - a super deal!

In addition to outfits such as the Colonial Party Dress and Molly's White Pinafore Dress shown above, take advantage of getting Felicity's and Molly's Cooking Studio Sets shown below:

and their Mystery Books. . . Peril at King's Creek is about Felicity

and A Spy on the Homefront is about Molly

This is Molly's second Mystery Book - we have a few more of the first, The Light in the Cellar, if you don't have it yet (Emily helps in solving this mystery.)

To see ALL of their items that are on sale for these two special birthdays, go to our DollCloset Birthday Page.

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April 19, 2008

Good New about Ruthie and Kit Dolls!

We can't wait to let you know that DollCloset.com will be having a Doll Drawing for the Kit and Ruthie pair of dolls!!!

The details are still in the works but it WILL happen . . . we will probably start publicizing it mid-May with entries being accepted from May 19 (Kit's Birthday) until maybe June 1st.

This will be our first doll drawing and your input is most welcome.

Should we offer a second and third place win too? Thinking of Kit's Mystery book

or doll clothes like our special ones for Kit ie the Scotty dress shown above and the "Shirley Temple" costume shown below.

I can't wait - it should be fun - especially for the winner!

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April 07, 2008

Celebrate American Girl Addy's Birthday !

It's time to celebrate the historic American Girls' Birthdays - right now it's Addy Walker's turn! In the picture above Addy is wearing an 1800's dress similar to her school dress that her mother made from scraps at the sewing shop where she worked . . . perfect for spring!
All of the Addy items available are on sale through Friday April 11, 2008.

Addy didn't really know when her birthday was because slaveowners didn't keep track and most slave parents were unable to know the exact date. But they did know Addy was born in the spring . . . so Addy got to pick her own birthday. She wanted one that was special and ended up picking April 9th, the end of the Civil War. Definitely a special day to celebrate!

The picture above is Addy's new American Girl Frame Puzzle - it contains three different pictures from Addy's books. The one shown is Addy at the train station; there's also a picture from the cover of Meet Addy and a picture of Addy with a schoolteacher and student.

Addy's Mystery Books are also on sale - The Shadows on Society Hill as pictured below is sure to thrill girls as they read about Addy's adventures!

Happy Birthday Addy Walker!!

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