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May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Samantha Parkington's birthday is May 26th . . . but we're celebrating through the 30th with Special Sales on all of her wardrobe choices, books and games!

The complete Afternoon Tea outfit above (including shoes, hairbows and lovely dress) is just one of the many available and perfect for your Samantha. Don't miss out on Samantha's Cooking Studio - a fun bargain right now. And get ready to read her delightful mystery books - both The Curse of Ravenscourt and The Stolen Sapphire feature Samantha and guarantee a fun read. The most recent Samantha item from American Girl is available too - American Girl Samantha Frame Puzzles as pictured below . . . have fun and save!

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Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys Turns 75!

Mary Meyer toys was started by the sweet woman pictured here - we carry some of her wonderful plush animals and love the story of how she began! In 1933 Mary was a newlywed who sold pincushions shaped like tomatoes through her husband Hans, a Fuller Brush salesman.

Along came World War II and Mary began making teddy bears out of whatever fabrics she could find. After the War, the Meyers moved to Vermont, hired some help and began producing toys in earnest.

The Teddy Bears shown above are some of the Mary Meyer Company products . . . as are the cute bunnies shown below:

and the doll-sized ornaments shown here:

Mary Meyer died in 1999 but her company still carries on in the hands of four of her grandchildren!

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May 19, 2008

Kit and Ruthie Doll Drawing Contest !

YES! We have pictures of the Kit and Ruthie Doll prizes . . . and the rules and an on-line contest form!

Click on the links above for detailed Kit and Ruthie pictures and information.

Basically, contest entries will be accepted ONCE per child and/or household; winners must be over 18 years old and be legal residents in the USA.

Entries will be accented beginning May 19, 2008 (Kit's Birthday . . . her Special Sale started May 19th too!) and end June 9, 2008. Winner will be drawn on June 10th and notified by email. Dolls will be shipped by FedEx Ground once we receive back two signed forms for American Girl.

In addition, DollCloset.com has added several more prizes:

* #2 = Two doll dresses with shoes for 18" dolls: Gold Scotty Dress and Shirley Costume

* #3 = Three different Kit Mystery Books

* #4 = Kit's Cooking Studio

PLUS Three Honorable Mention Winners will receive an American Girl Bracelet and two charms: Kit and Kit's Dog, Grace !

Enter HERE . . . and Good Luck !

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May 17, 2008

Ginny Doll Celebration!

We are very happy to invite you to visit our NEW Ginny Doll section:
Ginny Vintage and Mini Dolls!

You will see some welcome friends but also some brand new faces - like the Coloring Book Vintage Ginny pictured above . . . what's really fun, is that she has a Mini Ginny friend - Crayons Mini Ginny. . .

in addition, check out Peanut Butter Vintage Ginny (my personal favorite shown below)) and her Mini Ginny friend, Jelly Mini Ginny

Another adorable pair!

Don't miss the new dolls on the Storybook Doll section including May Day, Jumps Rope and Jacks Ginny and be ready for fun and games as even more Ginny Dolls will be added this week . . . like The Secret Garden Ginny shown below!

To introduce these new dolls and our new Ginny Vintage and Mini Dolls section we are offering you a Special Discount on ALL Ginny Dolls through Wednesday May 21, 2008.

In the coupon space on your Shopping Basket form, enter the word Vogue (the company that makes the Ginny Dolls), click the Recalculate button and automatically you will get a 15% discount on all Ginny dolls in stock (even those already on sale).

Purchase with the Vogue coupon through Wednesday (5/21/08) and receive a 15% discount on all in- stock Ginny Dolls. . . . Minimum order is $15.00.


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May 16, 2008

American Girl and Ruthie News!

It's official - a NEW American Girl store is to open in Boston at the Natick Collection shopping mall! Opening date is November . . . store will have 20,000 square feet. I think that size is a Boutique and not an American Girl Place (to date only in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles).

According to the press release in The Boston Globe, the store will offer the popular dolls, along with a rotating selection of doll outfits, accessories, girl-sized clothing, and a variety of best-selling American Girl books. A welcome addition!

Picture above is of Nellie in the Finale Outfit from an American Girl Place

And the latest on Ruthie! Her Really Truly Ruthie books have arrived and are available now.

But the most exciting part is that the Kit and Ruthie dolls for our contest are HERE!! The contest will start on Kit's birthday May 19th - so check at DollCloset.com for details then (we will include them in the blog too)

Preview on Ruthie: Nice dark brown hair, no bangs, side part. Her eyes appear to be a very light gray (lighter than my Molly's eyes). She has the same face mold as Kit. Her dress is a purple print and she wears black mary janes. Very cute of course!!

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May 09, 2008

More on Ruthie, Kit's Friend

Thank you to all of our readers who found and sent this picture in of - maybe - Ruthie! It looks like all of the Dolls are ready for the first showing of the movie about Kit and her friends - especially Ruthie. Notice that Kit is next to Ruthie . . . and I think that is Marisol next to Kit!

The girls are all wearing special T-shirts over their usual outfits . . . a purple collar shows at Ruthie's neckline - and she HAS been seen in a yellow and purple dress before - see the picture below on Kit's magnetic game:

The actual date of Ruthie's introduction is still unknown EXCEPT that if you look on the KitKittredge movie's website you will find a Movie Shop . . . open June 1, 2008 !! Surely that is when the Ruthie doll will be available - sure hope so . . .

Incidentally, visit the movie website for new photos and information on the actors (did you know that "our" Sara/Madison is writing a children's book? Fantastic Madison!!

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May 04, 2008

Celebrate with May Sales!!

We are celebrating with oddles and oddles of May Celebration Specials (click HERE for a full list)

The first event we're celebrating is Cinco de Mayo with the colorful Folklorico Dance Costume shown above . . . plus a few other wonderful goodies too (check the list!)

We haven't forgotten Mother's Day . . . ALL Baby Dolls are on sale such as the Dainty Daisies Pussycat Baby Doll by Madame Alexander shown above; baby dolls from Corolle and Gotz are on sale too!

We're also celebrating Nurse's Week - the Healthy Steps outfits pictured are some of the items available now.

Last, but not least, we're celebrating the Tulip and Cherry Blossom Festivals too - from Holland to Asia - join us!

May Celebration Specials end midnight, May 12, 2008

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