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June 24, 2008

Abigail Breslin New York Times Interview

Published in New York Times June 22, 2008

A Night Out With Abigail Breslin

She Is What She Eats By MELENA RYZIK

"I HAVE the biggest sweet tooth in the world," Abigail Breslin said,her feet swinging above the ground. She was sitting in the back room of Veniero's, an East Village bakery, one recent afternoon, waiting for her favorite dessert, raspberry mousse cake. "Oh, my God, the anticipation!" she said, her knee jiggling.

Preternaturally mature on screen, the actress had earned praise — and an Oscar nomination — for her role in the 2006 hit "Little Miss Sunshine" at age 10. Now she is starring in "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl," a movie based on American Girl dolls. The movie opened on Friday. In the meantime, the native New Yorker has been acting her age: 12.

Dressed in a yellow sundress, white cardigan, silver ballet flats
and a bronze necklace embossed with the letter `A,' Abigail was
accompanied by her mother, Kim, as well as a publicist and a
hairstylist. The Breslins were making a brief trip home — Abigail
grew up (or rather, is still growing up) in the East Village — after
several months in Los Angeles. "When I'm away sometimes I get so homesick," Abigail said. "The best pizza is in New York. I had it last night. And this morning, for breakfast."

Veniero's is a regular stop. "When she was 5 years old," Ms. Breslin said, "she came running, and she said, `I found it, I found my sweet tooth!' " Abigail grinned and pointed to a tooth. "It would be fine if I had three things every day," she said, listing four for good measure: "Cheesecake, chili cheese fries, pizza, raspberry mousse." "O.K., maybe cupcakes," she added.

The desserts arrived: Abigail's raspberry mousse cake, plus cheesecake and strawberry shortcake for her entourage. Ms. Breslin had coffee and watched as her daughter dived in, assembling "perfect bites" of fruit, cream and cake.

"You've got cream on your dress," Ms. Breslin told Abigail. "That's a sign of a good bakery, if you get cream on your dress.""I like to save a little food for later," Abigail said.

When not working, she spends time with her pets, does crafts and texts and video chats with friends. "I get into trouble because I text too much," Abigail said. "My dad was like, `You have 600 text messages!' " (He got her the unlimited plan.)
"I've never bought Abby a cellphone, but she gets them as gifts," Ms. Breslin said. "She doesn't need one.""Yes I do!" Abigail said.

Like most child stars, Abigail is not all play. "Me and my friend
are writing a script right now," she said, referring to Joyce, 13.
She did not divulge details, except to say that it was a comedy.
She also drew a distinction between herself and her Kit Kittredge
character. "I'm not blond," she said, though she noted that they
both liked to write. (In the movie, set in the 1930s, her character
is an aspiring reporter. "They showed me the typewriter, and I'm
like, where's the screen? Where's the backspace?" she recounted.)

As Abigail's sugar rush was winding down, Ms. Breslin wanted to pick up some mozzarella nearby at Russo's. "Mommy, can I wear flip-flops?" Abigail asked. She changed into her kid shoes and headed off with her mom, a box of extra desserts in hand.

Links to pictures above: Tiny Treats Cook Book
and Kit's Cooking Studio

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June 19, 2008

Dolls in the News . . .

Our first "Doll in the News" is Ruthie - doesn't she look cute in our new blue sundress with pretty tuck accents and a straw hat too?! The Kit and Ruthie Doll Contest has ended with seven very happy winners out of almost 500 entries - they come from California, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvia, Oregon, South Carolina and Virginia! We've heard from some customers who are going to the June 20th movie showing at one of the American Girl Places - Fun!!

The jury trial of Barbie versus Bratz has begun! It is taking place in a Riverside, California US District Court and is expected to last several weeks. The issue at stake is that Mattel/Barbie (and also owners of American Girl) claim that the Bratz dolls were created by a former employee of Mattel while still under contract with them and sold to MGA Entertainment Inc. It will be interesting to see what happens!!

The famous New York and Las Vegas toystore, FAO Schwarz, has signed an agreement with Macy's to open FAO operated toystores in 275 of the Macy's stores this fall! The FAO stores will be 1000 to 3500 square feet in approximately 75 Macy's locations while about 200 Macy's will have smaller department of 200 to 300 feet. I can't wait to see which Macy's in my area will have the FAO store - hope San Francisco gets a big one for me to visit! This means that it's highly likely FAO will carry Madame Alexander Dolls (such as the Madeline doll shown above) and Robert Tonner dolls - hooray!

Incidentally, the FAO stores will expand to about 685 Macy's stores during the next two years. This concept was tried out last fall in Chicago with great success.

Cabbage Patch Dolls are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year with a special limited edition commemorative doll this fall. Ask your parents or grandparents if they remember the furor over the adoptable Cabbage Patch Dolls - it was amazing! The Anniversary Doll will replicate the vintage fashions, hairstyles and facial expressions of those dolls introduced in 1983. The dolls will only be available for a limited time.

Angelina Ballerina is going to be back on the toyshelves again! The classic books by Katharine Holabird are a natural for children and for cute products. Many were produced for Pleasant Company (before American Girl)and once more we can expect more products from HIT Entertainment. A new television series will be debuting this fall: "Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps". We have a few items left for you such as the book pictured above, "Angelina, Star of the Show", in our Fun for Girls section.

PS: While standing in a grocery line I saw a picture of Corolle baby doll on one of those celebrity magazines . . . Brad and Angelina's girl was cuddling Emma!

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June 07, 2008

Ruthie News!

Here's the scoop on Ruthie from some of my lucky friends who already have her. The first is from a woman who was about Ruthie's age during the Depression and had dark hair and blue eyes (needlesss to say she was identifying strongly with Ruthie!) She saw her when a neighbor brought her granddaughter over to visit with her new Ruthie birthday gift!

"I love Ruthie. I think that she is one of the loveliest of the historical dolls. Her dress is beautiful and the fabric reminds me of rayon challis which was a popular fabric in the 1930s--and something that would be used for more expensive clothing.

I got out my scrapbook and showed her how I had long curls and how my mother would brush my hair every morning, dampen it and brush it around her finger to make the long curls. We tried it on Ruthie, but she may need to set the curls over night and try it again. She tied the ribbon around Ruthie's hair, just like the bow she saw in a photo of me (at about age 8). I put together a little tea party and had a lovely afternoon.

I looked at Ruthie's book and we wondered if AG may offer Ruthie's coat in the next catalog or perhaps at holiday time. Such fun to have an unexpected visit today--with such a wonderful guest."

Here's the coat she mentioned - it's on the bookcover of Really, Truly Ruthie

And another report on Ruthie (from a woman born in Julie's time period!):

"Ruthie is free from her box! And here's what I think...
The doll herself is cute. I like her hair color and I like her eyes. Her "ringlets" are a hot mess. Her hair is all squished in the hair net so you have to brush her hair and try to get it curling around her shoulders. You tie the hair ribbon on her head (the ribbon is packaged at her feet) Her shoes are cute, they have a little hard heel and a velcro closing mary jane style strap. The socks are a hydrangea blue and (I think) look a bit odd with the dress. The dress itself is very thin, very soft."

If you want a chance at winning a Ruthie and Kit of your own, remember the contest closes on Monday, June 9th!! Drawing will take place on June 10th . . . if you haven't already, enter HERE. Notice, that there are other prizes too from DollCloset.com !

Remember - ONE entry per person ONLY!!

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