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August 27, 2008

End of Summer Sale!

It's that time again . . . as Summer ends we feature Special Summer Sales to decrease our summer stock so we can make room for our Back to School items! The 18 inch doll Capri outfit we show above is new but qualifies as a summer item so it's on sale . . . just in time for you to save!
The Summer Sale will extend until midnight on Sunday, September 7, 2008.

Remember to take advantage of our Summer Activities sale as it will end at midnight on August 31, 2008. We've added a few new items like the American Girl Treasures Game - pictured below, it looks like fun AND a bargain!

Combine the Sales above with our Customer Appreciation Day AND our Labor Day Weekend Sale and you will have a chance to save 20% on ALL items in stock (minimum purchase is $20.00) The 20% Sale is an automatic discount that will be given Thursday, August 28th through Monday September 1, 2008!!!

Use your discount to save on some of our new dolls like Abigail Madison, one of the First Ladies from Madame Alexander and shown above . . . or a Back to School outfit for Medium Baby Dolls such as this cute Navy Jumper . . . or dress your Ruthie and Kit dolls in these Classic School Clothes!

End your summer right by saving with DollCloset.com !

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August 14, 2008

Dr. Toy Play Hints

Dr Toy’s Tips for Smart Play Learning and Fun

Take time out each day for games, puzzles, art, music, construction toys, books, puppets, and various other play products. Children learn best through play. Smart toys encourage children to maximize their potential.

Take inventory of current toys; take stock of what your child is playing with, what is not used and what is needed next.
Vary play experiences, such as construction products, puzzles, creative and skill-building products, to help your child gain self-confidence, increase learning and expand imagination.

Choose play experiences for your child that require concentration, thinking, involve skills and cognitive learning.
Children learn best through play. Smart toys encourage children to maximize their potential.

All of these Summer Activity products are on sale through August 31. 2008! Click HERE for the entire list OR click on the individual links of items shown:

American Girl Mini-Puzzles;
Angelina Ballerina Paint and Color Book;
Fairy Costumes for Girls and Dolls;
American Girl Quiz Book.

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August 07, 2008

American Girl News for 2009

It seems like our readers had the scoop long before anyone else did!!
First, the next AG movie will be about the 2009 Girl of the Year. . . Actress Sammi Hanratty said in a red carpet interview at the Kit movie premiere that she was going to be in an AG movie about the 2009 Girl of the Year which had already filmed and was to come out in January 2009. Click HERE for the link to her interview. (Picture above is of Mia, the 2008 Doll of the Year, modeling our Patriotic Dress)

I also searched for Sammi and didn't learn too much although it seems she has been in lots of TV roles . . . so, I conclude that this is a TV Movie - just like the Samantha, Felicity and Molly ones - and not a full-length movie like Kit is. I also concluded that the 2009 Doll will not be an ethnic doll!

The next AG movie about a historical character will be the musical about 1970's girl Julie Albright (as shown above in her new Perfect Peasant Dress!) according to Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, producer of the Kit movie. The movie, which is just in outline form right now, will have music from the 70's as well as original songs written for the movie. Waiting to see who will play Julie, Ivy and Julie's sister too!

Other information we just learned is that American Girl has filed several names for possible use on future dolls ie Rebecca, Chrissa, Lanie, and Sonali. Stay tuned as we learn more!

Pink skirts shown above can be seen HERE

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August 02, 2008

Les Cheries News from Corolle

The Les Cheries doll Cathy, shown above,is one of the adorable 13 inch dolls by Corolle - we also have Camille Ballerina (sorry, basic Camille is temporarily Out of Stock), Basic Chloe and Chloe Ballerina, and Basic Cecile Dolls.

The good news is that all of these dolls are available . . . however, we have just learned that the Corolle outfits for them have been Sold Out!! Not to worry, more new outfits WILL be coming but they are limited. DollCloset.com has an order in and we'll let you know when they arrive. However, the new outfits do NOT include the Accessories Set or the Night Set . . .

We do still have a few available but don't delay! Other outfits we have that will no longer be available include the White Cardigan Set shown below:

Still in stock, for now, are the Jeans Shopping Set, the Ballerina Set (actually, not yet Sold Out at Corolle)and our new Pink Coat Set shown below. We'll keep you posted as new Les Cheries outfits arrive - they look very sharp!

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