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September 28, 2008

Dolls in the News Continued!

The QVC sales with American Girl dolls has begun - with apparently good deals! I heard Julie and Molly were featured on September 25th. Watch for more dolls on future QVC shows - the next one is on 10/25/08. It's Countdown to Christmas on the 25th of each month.

According to our readers, the 2009 Doll of the Year will be named Chrissa! In a new move for American Girl, she will be featured in a movie (Chrissa Stands Strong) for TV in January . . . if you missed the interview with the actress Sammi Hanratty click HERE to see it.

Once more Madame Alexander has teamed up with MacDonald's Happy Meals awarding Wizard of Oz dolls with the girl's meals (mine was the Tin Man) Hurry if you don't have yours - ends October 9, 2009 and they are CUTE!

PS: It's Emily's birthday on September 30th - join us for specials on her clothes and books until midnight October 3, 2009!

Link to our images shown here:

Top = Molly and Emily in Special 1940's Outfits

Julie wearing a Perfect Peasant Dress

Eight inch Dorothy with Toto by Madame Alexander

Emily in her Autumn Outfit

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September 22, 2008

Dolls and Toys in the News . . .

Wonder if the two friends are talking about all the hoopla surrounding the Barbie versus Bratz controversy? The court decided in favor of Mattel (also the owner of American Girl) and against MGA Entertainment (makers of Bratz dolls). Lots of publicity for both of them . . .

My Twinn Doll Company has a new Catalog with lots of products that remind one of American Girl items . . . the winter horse and sleigh for one. But they are the first to have a hearing aid attachment for their dolls!! Very clever . . . now will American Girl do that too? They DID do a spin-off on My Twinn by providing so many different kinds of dolls ie the Just Like You dolls. (Perfect for dressing alike in Halloween costumes!)

Just heard from someone who gave one of the new JLY dolls with earrings and the layered hair . . . she gave both high marks!

The IDEX Doll Event is coming to Orlando, Florida in January! IDEX stands for International Doll Exposition and brings us the brand new dolls and bears coming in 2009. It features three days for the Trade Only and 2 days for everyone - including workshops. One of the big events is the Girl Scout Extravaganza and Young Collectors event on Saturday, January 31, 2009. Sounds like fun! For more information on IDEX go to their website www.idexshows.com

If you have a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you . . . and it has the make-your-own-dolls section . . . it will be closing! These sections were only placed in nine different stores so you were lucky if you saw one. The company operates more than 385 stores; it expects to close the 2B made-doll locations by the end of September.

Hocus Pocus 10 inch Bear shown above - ready for Halloween!

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September 15, 2008

Halloween Doll Costumes!

It's that Magical and Wicked and FUN time of year - Halloween! And dolls need to be dressed in costumes too . . . click HERE to see our list of Halloween Doll Costumes and Dolls (and watch for a few more coming over the next few days)! The Wizard Robe costume shown above is our newest 18" doll outfit - perfect for Harry Potter fans!

Don't leave out your Baby Dolls - they need costumes too such as the Bewitched and Wizard costumes shown below for Large Baby Dolls

Medium Baby Dolls such as Maxy Muffin and Bitty Baby will love dressing up as a Baby Leopard! (Watch for a pretty Pink Princess and Baby Pumpkin this week . . . )

And, not to be left out, small 12 or 13 inch baby dolls look adorable dressed as Baby Dorothy in a costume made in the USA!

Hope you noticed that we have some special Ginny and Madame Alexander dolls on our Halloween list too . . . like the 8 inch Pumpkin Full of Treats cutie!

PS: Your Special Sweet Treat . . . ALL items on the list will be on sale September 18th through October 5, 2008 while in stock!!!

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September 07, 2008

DollReader: The Rise of the Collector

DollReader magazine has been doing a series on the History of Dolls. The final portion was published in the September issue and covers from 1951 to the present.

The 1950's has been referred to as the "golden age of doll making" with the introduction of the popular Betsy McCall dolls, Jill (an older sister for Ginny) and Sweet Sue, a more mature dress-up doll from American Character.

In 1955 Madame Alexander introduced Cissy, the first high-heeled doll with a "mature" figure! She was (and remains) an expensive doll with an expensive courture wardrobe. But in 1959 Barbie was introduced, one of the biggest doll debuts ever. She was marketed on television (a new development) with the result that little girls wanted her and her wardrobe almost immediately. Larger "mature" dolls followed such as the popular "Revlon" dolls that came in several sizes.

The next big doll trend was the Cabbage Patch dolls - more that 3 million were sold in 1983. The craze peaked just in time for a new doll company . . . the American Girl Dolls along with their historical books, clothes and wonderful accessories.

The author, Toni Fitzgerald, summarizes that in the preceeding years up to World War II, dolls were primarily for children but that then a new trend emerged aimed at a larger audience. In 1980's doll companies saw the development of doll collectors and a large base of adult customers. Adults were collecting Cabbage Patch, American Girl and Fashion Dolls such as Gene from Mel Odem and Tyler by Tonner Dolls.

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