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October 19, 2008

Corolle Doll Sale!

Corolle Dolls are on sale through Saturday October 26 . . . and that means ALL of the dolls from the 12 inch Calin and Tidoo Baby Dolls to Louis shown above (our newest 14 inch Baby Doll - and a real cutie!) to the 14 inch Toddler Dolls such as the Vanilla Blonde shown below:

Also included are the 13 inch Les Cheries dolls such as Cathy with her long black hair:

And then there are the very lovely 17 inch Girl Dolls such as Fleur from 2008:

Order your Corolle Doll now while they are on sale!

Corolle Dolls are just the first dolls to be on sale - next week the Ginny Dolls will be featured and then Gotz (18 inch and baby dolls) for a week. We will continue down the DollCloset.com Navigation Bar until all the dolls have been featured . . . yes, even Madame Alexander and Karito Kids!

Plan ahead and SAVE!

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October 13, 2008

Samantha and Nellie!

If you haven't already heard . . . Samantha and Nellie are being retired!! What a way to celebrate Nellie's birthday on October 14th! Check out her Birthday Sales and Save! (Sale ends October 17, 2008)

Felicity was the last one to be retired and then brought back with a friend and a TV Movie . . . so maybe we'll see some great new things in about five years. In the meantime, American Girl hopes you will quick grab the Samantha and Nellie items they have in stock!
And, don't worry, DollCloset.com has lots of items perfect for both (like the BedTime outfits shown below) with more coming!

According to American Girl Publications there are two new Samantha books coming in 2009. One is another Samantha Mystery called "The Cry of the Loon". There will also be an interactive book on Samantha's World will be published. In the meantime, you can enjoy the two Samantha mysteries we have in stock: The Stolen Saphire and the Curse of Ravenscourt!

This is our Victorian Plaid Dress that is Made in the USA just for us - and there's a matching girl's dress too!

PS: American Girl says to watch for details about a new historical character coming soon!!

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