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December 02, 2008

Get Your Gifts by Christmas . . .

The question we get over and over is "Will I get my order in time?"

We don't have Rudolph to help us, but the answer is YES . . . if:

* You shop early enough (that is BEFORE December 9, 2008 for Standard Shipping) so that your order can be prepared . . .unlike most companies, many of our clothing items are pressed and put on hangers before they leave us;

* then packed carefully (as repeat customers know - we do a super careful job);

* mailed Priority or shipped FedEx Ground.

We try to use Priority Mail as much as we can as we have found them to be very dependable and reasonable in cost . . . however, the US Post Office has a limit on the package size of one cubic foot! As a result, many dolls that would have gone by mail in the past are now going by FedEX Ground.

Unfortunately, we have learned in the past 10 years that the Post Office and FedEx have capacity limits! Your standard delivery packages MUST be in transit by December 12th which means we need the order by December 8th. We know the Post Office issues later dates but, trust us, it doesn't work that way for most items. You don't need more stress!

The Post Office gets so bogged down that many times containers and containers of Priority Mail packages are stored at an airport and don't even begin on the jouney until after Christmas. If there is a snow or ice storm, delays increase even more.

After a certain point, all the Post Office can work on is the Express Mail . . . and the same applies to us at DollCloset.com.
That is why we urge you to use Express Mail if you order after December 8th and want delivery by Christmas.

Delivery after Christmas will also be delayed . . . several years ago a customer wanted some Birthday Party items for December 28th and told us to use Priority Mail. Her order did not arrive until a week and a half after the party!

Don't miss our St. Lucia Outfit!

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