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April 28, 2009

Preview of "Last Ones" Sale!

We have been taking pictures and more pictures over the last few days because we have acquired the doll models and some of the outfits (Made in the USA) used by Doll Fashions Unlimited at the New York Toy Fair from 1995 to 2000! Some of them are unbelievable and we're sure you will agree. Above are a few outfits that are VERY limited and will be available in the "Last Ones" Sale beginning Thursday April 30, 2009.

Here's a few of the dolls we'll also have - first a Madame Alexander 18 inch Victoria baby doll

And a Dallas Cheerleader doll! Not a Barbie but an 18 inch doll made to compete with American Girl Dolls. This is Kassi, a redhead with fixed green eyes, dressed to the nines as a Dallas Cheerleader (but modestly as she was for young girls!) Come back on April 30th to see even more (including two dolls made in Germany) as we present our "Last Ones" sale!

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April 24, 2009

Celebrate and Save on Felicity and Molly's Birthdays!

It's Birthday time for two of the American Girl dolls - Felicity shown above and Molly shown below!

ALL of their outfits, books, etc are on sale now through Sunday, April 26, 2009. Don't miss out!

PS: Next week will be Julie's birthday celebration - her special day is May 1st!

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