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June 27, 2009

Doll Bunk Bed and Sailor Dress Back!

We are so pleased to have this cute bunk bed back in stock! It sold out so fast last year . . . and then the manufacturer had to refuse one shipment so you can be assured these are just right for 18" dolls and baby dolls and actually, dolls up to 21 inches. Click HERE to read more about it.

Also back in stock is the new White Sailor Ensemble (click to see it modeled by our own Rebecca Rubin doll) plus the new floral swimsuit shown below is back in stock too. And yes, it does come with the yellow tube . . . but you'll need to help in blowing it up!

PS: Just in case your didn't get the DollCloset.com email Newsletter . . . every Thursday you can get an automatic 20% off on purchases over $20.00 End August 31, 2009

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June 22, 2009

Middleton Doll Items Back!

We have many items from the Lee Middleton Doll Company, but the most popular by far is the Middleton Bedding Set shown above. It includes a mattress, pillow and blanket - all in pretty pastels.

Another popular Middleton item is the Middleton Flower Pajama Set . . . notice the fuzzy slippers that are included!

They are perfect for 19 to 20 inch Playbabies . . . and back in stock. Don't miss the Puppy PJs either - too cute.

The pink and white Athletic Shoes are back too . . . plus we have new black T-strap dress shoes for your girls - watch for their picture soon in the Large Baby Doll Middleton section.

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June 14, 2009

More on Rebecca Rubin, newest American Girl Doll

Our Rebecca arrived and she is wonderful! As you can see above, we've already put her to work modeling a cute sailor outfit that we thought was perfect for her (it even includes the shoes, socks and hat!)

We also received and read the six books - here's our predictions on future products we can expect:

1. Rebecca crochets very, very well - and has a special sewing basket for it. I'm sure that will be coming

2. I thought her doll would be the nesting dolls mentioned in the first book . . . but in Rebecca to the Rescue (# 5) she visits Coney Island with her family (the day after her brother's bar mitzvah as a special treat for everyone). She isn't able to win the Kewpie Doll she wants but her brother wins it for her.

3. Fashions: The Movie Dress already out is a costume she wears in the silent movie "The Suitor" starring her cousin Max as the gardner-suitor (Bk # 4)

I certainly hope the dress on the cover of Candlelight for Rebecca comes out for Hanukkah as it really looks special and I want it!

I think the outfit on the cover of # 6, Changes for Rebecca will be another item - it's a coral color with embroidery down the front, white collar and cuffs trimmed with lace, a white hip belt and it looks like an overskirt on the sides (hard to explain, see page 67)

The only nightwear shown did NOT include the cute white outfit AG is selling us - Rebecca is wearing striped PJs (almost like Molly's!) and her cousin Ana is wearing a white nightie that looks like Josefina's!

Most of the other outfits weren't shown in great detail but a pale blue dress was shown several time so that is a possibility.

Here's another outfit we thought Rebecca would like (look for it in July at DollCloset.com) - a coat and hat, sleeveless dress underneath plus tights and black boots!

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