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July 30, 2009

More Doll News - Updated !

We just received a shipment of doll outfits that were Sold Out! - and now are In Stock! One very popular dress is the Blue Sundress and Hat shown above. In addition the Pink Floral Dress with Hat is also back in stock . . . and so is Molly's Summer Print Dress!

In case you didn't get our Newsletter last week, we are VERY pleased that the Gotz Hook-on Table Chair for Dolls is back - and looking especially cute with Rebecca and a Bitty Twin demonstrating their use.

PS: That cute dress Rebecca is wearing will be available soon - the pants set on our Bitty Twin is HERE

Here's some fun news - MacDonald Happy Meals will feature items from American Girl in August!! Check it out HERE

More fun news - Carta Bella in Atlanta has been holding American Girl Art Camps! They work on everything including purses, hats and teapots - the dolls are part of the class too. Click HERE to learn more and see great pictures of the girls, their dolls and the Art! Maybe you can get someone in your area to do this too . . .

Here's a girl ready to keep her doll healthy and not sick with the flu - Good Job!

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July 06, 2009

Vintage and Mini Ginny Doll Sale

Ginny Dolls are an American Tradition since the 1950's . . . and we're lucky enough to still have them with us! Right now DollCloset.com is featuring a SALE on the Vintage and Mini Ginny Dolls - like the Coloring Book Ginny shown above (notice her stylish french braid!). And do check out her companion mini-doll, Crayons Mini-Ginny!

There are a Baker's Dozen of Vintage Ginny Dolls on sale now through July 26, 2009. One of my favorites is the new Pink Confection Vintage Ginny shown below:

Remember . . . the 20% Customer Discount on Thursdays applies to items already on sale - such as the Vintage Ginnys!

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