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August 17, 2009

American Girl and Happy Meals!

Today I picked up two of the new American Girl specials at MacDonald's . . . you may be able to tell from the Pet Charms shown above that I got Kirsten's set and Kit's set!

They are really well done - each is a "book" with a picture of the girl on the cover. It's tied with a sheer ribbon. Open it up and it's a fold out two-sided picture from their world. For Kirsten, it's inside her cabin on one side and the other is outside play setting for Kirsten and her friend Singing Bird! For Kit, it's her attic bedroom and the other side is her schoolroom.

Our Kirsten doll model loves to wear her Bavarian Costume as shown above . . . it was made in the USA and looks very pretty on her!

Kit and her friend Ruthie are ready for school in their new classic school outfits shown above - and they have a globe and colored pencils too!

Other things you will find in the American Girl Happy Meal are mini-paper dolls, a story and directions for a craft. Definitely worth getting . . . and you can buy them without the meal if you want!

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August 14, 2009

Travel the World with Dolls!

Our Annual Travel the World Sale ends Sunday August 16th at midnight Pacific Daylight Time . . . and it has lots of items that are NEW! Such as the Retired Irish Dancer of Today outfit from American Girl shown below:

We intended to show it on our American Girl doll model Nellie O'Malley but it ended up on American Girl Emily instead! (Looks cute doesn't it?!)

Several new 8 inch dolls by Madame Alexander also joined the list such as the sweet "Lilly Loves Sushi" shown below (it includes chopsticks and a tray of sushi too!)

Not to be left out are the 21 inch Karito Kids dolls from China, Kenya and Australia . . . (Piper from Australia is shown below).

Quick, take advantage of this super Travel the World with Dolls sale!

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