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September 29, 2009

Doll News from American Girl and Madame Alexander

The biggest news from American Girl is the upscoming "retirement" of Kirsten, the girl who immigrated from Sweden to end up as an American pioneer! I assume that American Girl expects to sell out of everything just like happened with Samantha. It certainly can happen but I don't think Kirsten has as many followers as Samantha does.

Kirsten was the inspiration for the DollCloset.com Pioneer dresses such as the lilac one shown above. Her stories were wonderful although they did tell of difficult times. Now we get to wonder if a new doll is coming from her time period such as happened with Samantha and Rebecca. We shall see!

Wow! Look at the dolls coming from Madame Alexander!! They are 18 inches tall and the same size as American Girl dolls . . . and they have a wardrobe to select from also!

We haven't seen them in person yet, but we hope to have them here in October . . . there are six different dolls with modern hairdos and trendy outfits. Our assumption is that they are from the same molds as the dolls from the Dear American Series. Each doll was from a historical period such as a Pilgrim. (Remind anyone of a popular series of dolls?!)

We had several of these dolls and found them especially good because of the vinyl shoulder plate so that scooped necks showed vinyl, not cloth. Unfortunately, the hairdos were not suitable for play. It appears they have taken care of that with the new dolls coming such as the one shown below. An excellent piece of news is that the dolls will cost around $40.00!! We will let you know when they arrive -

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September 02, 2009

Labor Day Sale Coming!

Advance notice for our special readers . . . we will be offering a 15% discount on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (that's September 5, 6 and 7, 2009) on all in-stock items (minimum purchase of $15.00)

PLUS we will have a coupon for an additional 5% if you purchase $20.00 and up! Just put BONUS in the coupon space and click re-calculate - your discount will automatically show up on your Basket page.

What shall you buy?? Well. . . there's the cute new Denim Skirt for Fall or the Navy Jumper Outfit shown above - both perfect for Back to School Days.

Other ways to use your discount are for Halloween Dolls and Doll Costumes!

Shown above is a lovely Angel Costume available for American Girl Dolls and we have it in Medium Baby Doll sizes too.

And don't miss our Pumpkin Costumes . . . for American Girl, Medium Baby Dolls and for Large Baby Dolls (as shown below).
Click HERE to see the list of Halloween Dolls and Costumes - they are on sale through September 30, 2009!

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