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November 10, 2009

Ginny Doll News!

We've just added some new 7.5 inch Ginny Dolls! Pictured above is "Loved Ones and Sugar Plums", the Christmas doll from Vogue and a real cutie.

Also new are Nurse Ginny and, my personal favorite, British Islander Ginny pictured below.

Following the pattern of the last few years, The British Islander doll was selected as a favorite Ginny by a "Ginny Doll Lover"! In this case, June Nelson, youngest daughter of Jennie Graves, the creator of Ginny Dolls in the 1950's was the lucky one to pick her favorite. The doll she chose was from 1959; the costume was replicated by Vogue for all of us this year only.

As wonderful as these dolls are, the best news (to me anyway) is that Vogue will bring back the 8 inch Dress Me dolls and doll outfits in 2010 - Hooray!! This year the ONLY 8 inch doll was the Forget-Me-Not Fairy Doll seen below . . . and it's been two years since there were any clothes for the 8 inch Ginnys. Can't wait to see the new ones in January 2010!

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November 02, 2009

More Doll News!

The biggest news is, of course, Kirsten's retirement! She is such a cute doll but I don't think she's received the attention she deserves (unless you happen to be Swedish - then you probably know her well!) Above is our Kirsten dressed in our Scandanavian Winter outfit that we think is perfect for her. Coming soon are a few replicas including her winter coat (and snowshoes!) that was been retired quite a few years.
We'll let you know when they arrive.

Good News!

Our Early Bird Holiday Sale is preoceeding well! This week we have the Madame Alexander 8 and 10 inch Dolls up for sale . . . and some of them are brand new such as Wendy Loves Bambi (complete with Bambi and Thumper) and the new Hanukkah Doll (shown below)- the first one in several years.

Next week the Madame Alexander baby dolls will be on sale - don't miss it!

Sad News:

* The Life of Faith Doll company has unfortunately gone out of business - we have a few of their outfits still available such as Elsies Nightgown Ensemble shown below:

I personally think it's one of the prettiest sets around . . . and it's on Sale right now! We also have Kathleen's Kilt but shown on a Magic Attic doll Here .

* Also on the bad side of things is that several out-of stock dolls will NOT be here until the second week of December!!! That includes the Gotz 18 inch dolls AND the Madame Alexander new 18 inch dolls (see a picture below) - what a bummer! The positive news is that we hope to offer limited advance orders at a sale price on the Gotz and Madame Alexander 18 inch Dolls - we'll definitely let you know more about that!

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