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March 06, 2010

Mini-American Girl Dolls

I have to admit that I like the American Girl mini-dolls such as the Kaya doll shown above (especially the cute mini-book that comes with them!)

However I never dreamed of re-dressing them as some of my friends have! They have done fantastic jobs AND have posed them in the snow and with spring flowers - See them many of them at this link

If you're interested in this hobby . . . or just want to own one, we have some available (and they are 15% off on our Customer Appreciation Day every Thursday)

Click on the names to see Kaya or Nellie!

When these dolls first came out for Pleasant Company (before Mattel bought it and changed the name to American Girl) the eyes were inset (they didn't open and close) . . . under American Girl, they switched to painted eyes - and frankly they look MUCH better! I have my own Kirsten from the original mini-dolls and took my newer mini-Josefina to the Los Angeles American Girl Place. . . she was a perfect guest -

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