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June 06, 2010

New Madame Alexander Dolls and Outfits!

The new doll shown above is Precious Petals - one of the new 14 inch My Little Girl dolls. Isn't she sweet?!

She arrived at the same time as FOUR new outfits made just for these dolls and the Baby Cuddles 14 inch dolls - they all have catchy names such as Monster Kisses seen below!

Other cool Madame Alexander dolls are the two new Favorite Friends dolls - below we've pictured Too Cute in Boots (a curly haired blonde) but don't miss Playfully Pretty - the new sophisticated brunette!

And, of course, several new outfits for the 18 inch dolls from Favorite Friends such as Party Time in Purple and Swept Away (as seen below)

There are several outfits perfect for Summer AND we are currently offering a FREE sand pail with every swimsuit (or wetsuit) ordered!
Ends June 11th - then we'll offer a different FREE item for your dolls - check our HomePage for new information!

Shown here is our Hula Swimsuit Combination

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June 02, 2010

Sharing Millie's Doll Collection

I recently joined a webgroup that is posting a picture a day of ONE of their dolls! I honestly don't think I have 365 dolls (my husband & kids probably think differently) but it's been lots of fun - and I wanted to share with you!

First of all is pictured my Raving Beauty doll* - I got her when I was in 4th grade. She had to attend a Dolly Spa because this is what she looked like several years ago:

Sad isn't it? But she refreshed nicely and stands proudly in Millie's Studio! (We won't mention that's she's waiting for the creation of the blue taffeta dress she arrived in!)

Others wondered if she was a composition doll but actually after World War II, the doll industry began using hard plastic for dolls including Toni and Ginny dolls.

She is very similar in size to American Girl dolls - and had a "mommy made" wardrobe to match! How my Mom found all the accessories I don't know . . . like a tennis racket, marching boots, etc.

Here's a picture of American Girl Dolls in Bath Robes too

Another set of dolls I've shared are Scottish dolls - here's a picture of many of them!

They represent Scottish dolls from:
Tonner - the tallest one is Betsy McCall
Patsy Dolls by Effanbee (rehead in the back)
Ginny Dolls - (the redhead in the front)
and a Madame Alexander Scottish boy in a fur hat!

Many of these dolls are re-done periodically as they represent popular motifs - for instance we do have a Madame Alexander Scottish Lass available now - see her picture below:

I'll be back next month with news of the dolls I've shared!

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