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November 01, 2010

Which Corolle Doll is Right for Your Child ?

Corolle dolls have been carefully designed to match a child's age, size and stage of development . . . the same can be said of Madame Alexander dolls too.

One of the most important criteria for selecting a doll is weight - the dolls weight should be in proportion to the child's weight so it is easy to carry. The BabiPouce Rainbow shown above is ideal for infants as it is light and easy to hold (and has met all safety requirements)

Soft Body Baby Dolls are suitable for children of 1 year and up - these would include the Calin, and Tidoo soft baby dolls.

Size is an important consideration also - Corolle recommends that a doll be easily cradled in the crook of your child's arm. The length of the doll's body (neck to toes) should be no longer than the child's arm from elbow to fingertips.

By the age of two a child may be ready for a bath baby such as Emma or Paul. They are also sexed dolls that can help with potty training! Paul is pictured below:

Corolle tells us that another feature that is integral to a child's enjoyment is the level of sophistication. The more sophisticated clothes and hairstyles are more suitable for children over five - simple clothes and hairstyles are best for children under five. True it is common for a child to want what is seen on television or what older siblings have . . . but that does not mean the child will enjoy the doll.

Here is an additional guide from Corolle Dolls:

At the age of 3, a child may like a 14 inch Toddler Doll such as Ambre shown above. In addition to the long hair which can be brushed, she has simple outfits your child can dress the doll in.

Larger dolls such as the 18 inch dolls by Madame Alexander, Gotz and American Girl are more suitable for the older child due to the size, weight and the care a doll such as this need. The dressing of a doll this size is not easy - and the haircare can be a very complicated chore not easy for a child under seven years. In fact, American Girl recommends the girls be over eight years old. If needed, a less expensive 18 inch doll may be a good way to access your child's readiness for an American Girl doll. Shown below is one of the newest Favorite Friends dolls available in November called Key to my Heart.

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