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April 22, 2011

Sasha Play Dolls from Switzerland

Sasha Dolls, such as the one shown above, were created by the Swiss sculptor, Sasha Mogenthaler beginning in the late 1960's. Previously she originally made the dolls for herself and private individuals. They were produced in Germany and in Great Britain. The girl dolls were often called Sasha; the boys were called Gregor usually. They are about 16" high. In addition there were small baby dolls and a few toddler dolls.

The Sasha dolls were to represent a universal child and were produced in a coffee colored vinyl so that they did not belong to one ethnic group. Later, she did introduce black dolls and then in the 1980's the skin tone was lightened.

Today Sasha dolls are popular with collectors - in fact the Sasha pictured above is the first collector doll bought by Robert Tonner - a Sasha! There are groups of Sasha collectors who gather at least yearly for a "Sasha Festival". In 2010 the Festival was held near San Francisco - Millie was pleased to attend. This year, 2011, the Sasha Festival will be in Springfield, Illinois in July. The Festival for 2012 will be at Stratford on the Avon . . . these doll people get around!

One of the events at each Festival is an Auction of donated items to raise money for a Children's Charity. Above is a picture of an outfit (with Ginny Dolls!) that was auctioned in 2010. Below is an outfit for a baby Sasha doll auctioned several years ago.

The groups hosting the Festival spend over a year with the hotel etc. arrangements, setting a Theme and planning the activities and gifts. Each Festival provides a wonderful outfit for a Sasha doll of the attendees.

For further information on this year's Festival, visit the website at:


For further information on Sasha dolls, check out your library or look on-line. There have been some wonderful books on these precious dolls!

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