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May 09, 2011

American Girl - The Past and Future !

American Girl is 25 years old! Hard to believe - in 1986 Pleasant Company certainly changed the doll world when they entered it with Kirsten, Samantha and Molly - the first three dolls. And now only Molly is still active (as in not Archived).
Here are some cool statistics about American Girl:

** Nearly 20 million American Girl dolls have been sold through the company's catalog, retail stores and website. Of course, in the beginning there was only the beautiful catalog and today the American Girl Catalogue ranks as one of the top 25 consumer catalogues in the USA ! Shown below are replicas of the original Samantha Classic outfits . . . and Nellie, the very first "Friend Doll"

** More than 135 million American Girl books have been sold since 1986 such as the Felicity Mystery, Peril at King's Creek shown below

Now we come to the exciting future . . .

First a new American Girl store, in Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Washington, near Seattle. The store will be 12,500 square feet and include a restaurant

Second: TWO NEW Historical Dolls are coming! The early hints tell us they are fom New Orleans in 1853 during a Yellow Fever outbreak. In a departure on the books, there will be three books about each girl ie Cecile and Marie-Grace. Both appear to be from well to-do families and have lovely outfits. Let us know if you learn more . . .

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