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July 31, 2011

Buying a New Doll Guidelines

It's not easy selecting a doll for a child on your gift list . . . but here are a few tips for you to make it easier!

First, consider the age ie for children younger than 8 years

* Make Safety the first priority - avoid dolls with small parts or accessories that could be a choking danger.
The dolls under our Cloth Doll category are intended for the young, some even for the Newborns such as the Babipouce Candy Pink Doll by Corolle shown below:

* Keep it simple. You want to encourage imagination - NOT tell the child how the doll is to be used.

* Look for smaller, soft-bodied dolls that are well suited for younger children to cuddle and hold. Corolle recommends that the doll fit comfortably in their arms - thus we recommend a 12 inch baby doll for a child 12 months up. Both Corolle Calin and Tidoo baby dolls fit in that category in addition to Madame Alexander Huggums baby dolls such as the cutie, Sweet Baby Girl, pictured below:

* Smaller, vinyl dolls can be good for teaching nurturing. Boys and girls can learn how to be gentle by holding and cleaning a doll with a washcloth. Somme of the dolls are even helpful with Potty training such as the the Corolle Emma and Paul vinyl baby dolls and the smaller Gotz Aquini Baby Dolls. The Aquini Boy version is shown below:

* For children 8 years and up (maybe even 7 years depending on the child) larger dolls are acceptable as the child can hold it without feeling awkward or clumsy. This is the recommended age for 18 inch dolls from Gotz and Madame Alexander. The newest Favorite Friend Doll, Buzzin About, is shown below:

* Then there are dolls that come with stories about their lives - these can be very educational for school aged children and can encourage other play behaviors such as teaching your doll. American Girl dolls are based on this premise and can be the right choice for some girls but not all. Here's an article from us to help determine if you should purchase an American Girl doll

Hope this helps to make buying dolls fun - and appropriate for the child !

Baby doll at beginning is Corolle's Bebe Charmeur!

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