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Because we're sure dolls (& furbies) need these things just as much as we do - Plus they're sooo cute! Come back often as we will be adding more fun stuff as we find other doll accessories.
Also Available Clothes for Furbies

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Travel Pals Accessories for Dolls
Bath Accessories Set!

Updated: October 19, 2014

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Corolle Doctor Set

Doctor Set by Corolle
$18.25 $15.95 Our Price!

In Stock!

What could be more fun than to get baby doll all better with this Doctor Set! The pink flowered "doctor's bag" contains a stethoscope that "hears" baby's heart, a syringe, a thermometer, an otoscope to look in baby's ears, a towel and a bottle. The bag is 8 inches by 7 inches tall. Imported by Corolle for children over 18 months old.

Note: Stethoscope requires 3 LR44 button cell batteries (included)

For LARGER image click on Doctor's Bag

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Fun for Small Baby Dolls by Corolle!

Corolle Bath Accessories Set (For Small Baby Dolls)
$31.50 $25.20 Our Price!

New and In Stock!

Your kids will love this set for their small baby dolls! Perfect for bath or pool time it includes five different pieces: a yellow inner tube; a yellow sand pail; an orange fish; an orange set of shovel and hoe; plus a blue bag to put it all inside! Imported by Corolle.

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New Corolle Bib and Place Setting Set for Medium Baby Dolls

Bib and Feeding Dish Set by Corolle
$6.80 $5.78 Our Price!

In Stock !

Medium baby dolls will be fed in just the right way with this cute set! The pink bib is flexible plastic and can attach around the doll's neck. Notice the pocket to catch the food - just like the real thing!
Also included is the pink feeding dish and the spoon . . . with a "bite" of pretend food attached. Just right for lots of fun pretending to care for dolls!
Imported by Corolle for children 3 years and up.

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Corolle Baby Doll Pacifiers

Corolle Pacifier Set (For 12 inch Baby Dolls)

In Stock!

Help has arrived for when the small baby doll loses a pacifier! The set comes with one pink, one blue and one white (not shown) - with pretty ribbons to match. Imported by Corolle for 12 inch baby dolls.

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Baby Sling by Corolle for 14 to 16.5 inch Baby Dolls

Medium Baby Doll Sling by Corolle
$29.95 $25.45 Our Price!

In Stock !

Her medium baby doll can be carried in a sling just like a real baby! The padded sling features a floral print seat to hold the 14 to 16.5 inch baby doll in securely; special straps go over the child's shoulders while keeping the baby doll cozy in front.
Imported by Corolle

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Miniature White Bible for Dolls

Holy Bible

The perfect companion for her doll at First Communion or on Sundays - a minature Holy Bible that opens to actual text inside! Bible measures 1.5 inches high and 1.25 inches wide. Very special. Include the tiny white organza bag and her doll will be able to carry the Bible!

For LARGER image click on Holy Bible.

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White Bible in Carry Bag $9.50 [Add to My Basket]

Travel Pals Carry-On and Tote Bag for Dolls!

Travel Pals
Accessories for dolls.

For a trip to the Grandparent's (or a sleepover!)

Cute yellow quilted gingham bag zips to store special outfits.
Comes with three hangers that will fit over a regular closet bar.

Also available in Pink OR Blue quilted gingham

Pair it with a Tote Bag to carry little essentials!

Tote Bag is available in Yellow (shown) or Red Quilted Gingham

Made in the USA

For LARGER image, click on Garment Travel Bag.

Blue Garment Travel Bag $12.00 $8.50 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
Pink Garment Travel Bag $12.00 $8.50 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
Yellow Garment Travel Bag $12.00 $8.50 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
Yellow Checked Tote Bag $6.50 $5.50 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
Red Checked Tote Bag $6.50 $5.50 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]


Clothes for Furbies

We ONLY sell the CLOTHES - Furby NOT included

Royal Cape and Crown $7.50 [Add to My Basket]

Made in the USA Trunk for 18 inch Dolls and their Clothes

White Doll Trunk for 17 to 19 inch Dolls

Trunk Sold Out -
No Longer Available!

Two 5" plastic hangers (shown near the drawers) are included.

Click to see our 7 inch hangers that also fit into the trunk

Note: American Girl Doll, clothing and accessories shown are NOT included.
You may purchase the items shown in the Doll Trunk below.

For LARGER image click on Doll Trunk

Six White 5 inch Doll Trunk Hangers $2.50 [Add to My Basket]
Brownie Skirt 5 Piece Uniform $27.95 $19.95 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]
New Brown Shearling Boots $8.95 [Add to My Basket]
Red T-strap Shoes $5.75 $4.25 Our Price! [Add to My Basket]


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